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Tru Earth Eco strips laundry detergent reviews
Lifestyle and environment

Tru Earth Eco-Strip laundry soap reviewed as a liquid laundry detergent alternative

...Tru Earth laundry detergent strips actually work? We tried these laundry strips to write this review, and this is what we found... Who are Tru-Earth then? But first, the background. Tru-Earth is a company based in British Columbia, Canada , started by 3 like-minded and family-orientated entrepreneurs who saw an opp...

Detergent-free eco friendly Laundry balls
Cleaning and maintenance

Do Laundry balls work?

...trusted source of green building and healthy home information , we often are asked by manufacturers (and some snake oil peddlers) to feature purported ‘eco-friendly’ products that are actually just greenwashing . I have heard of Soapnut DIY laundry soap as well as Tru-Earth Laundry strips which we reviewed here , and s...

How to Find & Order In-Stock Essential Products Online COVID-19 & Coronavirus

Life Hacks to help stay Eco during COVID-19 Quarantine & Ordering Online

...Tru Earth laundry strips here ) wipes under Baby Products and in Health & Household, we found a few sanitizers and priority products in personal-care appliances that made some of the team chuckle. Last but not least, Beauty & Personal Care showed up a few surprise items including makeup wipes with alcohol which would...

What to do with old coffee grounds
Lifestyle and environment

Here is what old coffee grounds are good for - including skin care !

...Tru Earth Eco Strip Laundry detergent Growing Food at Home in Small Spaces - 7 Top Tips Why you should never use coffee grounds in your garden! Find more about green living and green home construction in the Ecohome Green Building Guide pages and find out about the benefits of a free Ecohome Network M...

Home made DIY laundry detergent from buckeyes / horse chestnuts
Lifestyle and environment

How to make Eco-friendly DIY laundry soap from Buckeyes / Horse Chestnuts

...Tru-Earth eco strips with natural ingredients and greatly reduced packaging, but for the real enthusiasts, here is how to make your own laundry soap with buckeyes, horse chestnuts or indeed conkers as they are known in the UK! Who knew it was this easy to make your own eco-friendly and effective laundry detergent using...