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When should you replace windows
Windows and doors

When should you replace old windows?

...triple pane windows. © Ecohome The cost of replacing windows is pretty high and predominantly labour based; partly in manufacturing, but you have to factor ...

How to choose Triple pane, high performance windows
Windows and doors

The best tips for buying windows

...pane or mid-level triple pane glazing. SHGC > 0,6. 3. The Difference choosing a Very high quality triple pane glazing and frame, entry-level Passivhaus certif...

Wood frame Triple-glazed, argon-filled windows in the Ecohome Demo House
Windows and doors

Choosing windows - which window frame? wood v aluminum v vinyl

...panes of glass in windows . Double-pane or double-glazed windows offer one interior cavity, usually filled with argon or krypton gas as an insulator. Triple-pan...


Case Study: Kenogami House, Saguenay, Quebec

...Windows are triple pane, fibreglass framed, argon filled with an average R value of 4.5. Window glazing is 91% south facing to avoid heat loss and maximise sola...

How radiant floors work
Delivery: radiant, forced-air and decentralized

How to design for thermal comfort in a home

...triple-pane windows are warmer than double-pane windows resulting in a less draft (if any), and reduced radiation loss from your body, so they are more comforta...

Real estate

Real estate - look for water damage around the interior, signs of air leakage, double or triple-pane Quality mechanical systems - iare they old or new? Check mode...

Net Zero Energy home
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Net Zero Energy house in Edmonton, Alberta

...Windows: Triple pane windows containing two coats of low e film, argon gas filled glazing with insulating spacers between panes. Net Zero Ener...

Correctly installed Triple pane south facing windows on Ecohome's Demo House
Windows and doors

Installing doors & windows for the best performance in high efficiency homes, LEED & Passive House position windows towards the center of the rough opening rather than installing them flush to the outside. Windows that are installed at the exterior p...

Prefab Passive House & LEED Kit Homes for Sale in Ontario & North Eastern US
Concept and design

Prefab Passive House & LEED ready kit homes - the future of buying a new home?

...triple-pane windows transmit less sound than double pane). Chosen Triple-Glazed Window Brand: Elite doors and windows Low-maintenance exterior cladding ...

Photovoltaic solar panels
Renewable energy

Solar heating and energy generation (triple pane, argon, low E) allow for heat gain, while reducing nighttime heat loss. It is important to have proper shading with a passive solar home....

Net Zero Homes - Canada's first certified Net Zero House in BC
Green building certifications

The first Net Zero-labelled homes in Canada

...triple-pane high efficiency windows and doors for Zero Net Energy homes , with a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient [SHGC] of 0.18 and a North American Fenestration St...