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Dense-packed cellulose wall insulation
Wall assemblies - new construction

Dense-packed cellulose insulation wall systems

...toxins found in various adhesives and finishes commonly used in housing construction. As well, CFI with borate is considered to be more flame resistant than both fiberglass and mineral wool batts (3). The dense packed method in and of itself adds to the flammability resistance. Consider how hard it is to burn a phone...

Non-toxic building materials can improve home air quality
Healthy indoor air quality

Maintaining healthy indoor air quality

...toxins, flame retardants build up in fatty tissue . Consequently, predators higher on the food chain can have dangerously high levels, which in some cases includes humans. Air and water currents moving north have led to alarmingly high levels of flame retardants in polar bears, as well as people living in northern comm...

Laneway house by Lanefab Design/Build
Interior design and furnishing

Interior furnishings & decor

...toxins, found in the glues, foams, pesticides, fire-retardants and chemicals that prevent staining. And like so many products throughout our homes, they will be heavily laden with formaldehyde. In many areas fire-retardants are mandated by law, a law which sometimes can be skirted with a doctor's note and a special o...

Alternative wall coverings to drywall
Walls and Roofs

The best alternatives to drywall for finishing interior walls

...toxins into our homes either - contributing to better and healthier interior air quality - making it one of the most sensible, affordable and agreeable drywall alternatives. Cork is also really good as a DIY sustainable flooring material . Cork panel boarding could be used as a funky drywall alternative Lath an...

Zero Carbon Homes - The S1600 Prefab Eco Home is affordably Close
Planning and Design

Zero Carbon Homes - The S1600 Prefab Eco Home gets affordably Close

...toxins. The ceilings are finished with rspruce wood, reducing the amount of drywall and material processing. Green flooring materials: the second floor of the house is covered with Marmoleum which is made of linen, a renewable and natural material that is very durable and does not contaminate indoor air quality. ...

Pallet beds are trending but pallets can be toxic so be careful
Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

Is it safe to build beds or furniture with shipping pallets?

...toxins again Pallets stamped with just EUR and possibly IPPC also are old - so have more possibility of having been contaminated by the goods that have been sat on them - originally these wooden pallets were used by railways in Europe to move goods - so we would probably avoid any wooden pallets with just this labe...

Deck Construction, 10 Top Tips for Building Decks
Decks, porches and gazebos

Building a deck ? 10 Tips to make your deck last longer

...toxins 8) Choose Your Deck's Wood Grain Carefully: if you work with the growth rings of the wood facing up in a convex (rather than concave) direction, the grain will in theory repel water from the surface rather than create a cup that will withhold water. Shedding water is the key to extending deck life. 9) Buil...

How to Choose between an HRV and ERV system

Choosing between an HRV and an ERV

...toxins emitted by the human body (ammonia, benzene, carbon monoxide and methane to name but a few), toxic chemicals like formaldehyde in building materials and furnishings continue to off-gas for many years after installation. (Which is why choosing formaldehyde-free kitchen cabinets is recommended .) To remove the e...

HEPA filters & SMART Air Filters catch airborne dust, pollen, allergens, viruses
Healthy indoor air quality

Buying guide for home air filters in furnaces - HEPA, SMART or Regular?

...toxins and particulate that have made indoor air, on average, several times more polluted than outdoor air. Worth remembering too is that most code-built modern homes are also riddled with toxic building materials are heavily laden with formaldehyde and other VOC chemicals; so as we become more aware of home health, ...

Home made DIY laundry detergent from buckeyes / horse chestnuts
Lifestyle and environment

How to make Eco-friendly DIY laundry soap from Buckeyes / Horse Chestnuts

...toxins and perfumes out of homes . Not long ago we featured Tru-Earth eco strips with natural ingredients and greatly reduced packaging, but for the real enthusiasts, here is how to make your own laundry soap with buckeyes, horse chestnuts or indeed conkers as they are known in the UK! Who knew it was this easy to make...

Spray Foam Insulation - Is it Good or Toxic & Dangerous?
Insulation and soundproofing

Is spray foam insulation a good choice for your home? Or a toxic recipe for disaster?

...toxins inside while it off-gasses, but as the months and years pass and the wood dries and cracks, will it retain its original airtightness? Not likely in our humble opinion. We are fully aware that no house is perfectly airtight, but the more adaptable (flexible) a product is, the more chance it will withstand the n...