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“The perfect lawn” comes with a very heavy environmental cost!

Which are the best bee-friendly & Eco-friendly alternatives to grass lawns in backyards?

...thyme and oregano Thyme makes a bee friendly, eco-friendly lawn alternative Japanese Sweet Flag Japanese Sweet Flag is a bright & eco-friendly...

Edible Perennials

A guide to growing edible perennials.

...Thyme Sage Lavender Lemon balm Bee balm (Oswego) Mint Garlic grass Chives Another interesting option is Haskap b...

Healthy indoor air quality

The impact of ambient fragrances on our health

...thyme or eucalyptus. I have tested this myself and it's amazingly effective. Sources: Study cited in introduction: A. Steineman, Ten issues concerning air...

Metal roof with solar panels
Roof coverings

How to choose roofing materials

...thyme, rosemary, or chives on them. Cons: They are heavier than a conventional roof and may require structural reinforcement, and due to soil depth they don...