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Gabion walls can be used for building homes
Concrete and masonry

Gabion Walls - what is a gabion cage & how to build with them? and zero carbon homes often introduce industrial looks to the interior and exterior aesthetics of homes and commercial buildings, and many are already using gabion walls for structures and even aesthetic accents now. So this may increasingly become a popular building trend as it's certainly easier than trying to ...

Concrete floors and timber frame as thermal mass
Efficient home design

The pros and cons of thermal mass in buildings The advantages of thermal mass in homes: A lot of thermal mass in a home can help naturally balance temperatures in spring and fall when days are warm but nights are still cool. That will either increase comfort or reduce the need for heating and cooling. Heat security: Having significant thermal mass in your...

Passive solar house design
Passive solar home design

Passive solar home design in winter. © Ecohome These two dates are important because while you want to absorb as much heat as possible in winter, insufficient shading in summer can make houses unbearably hot and increase cooling costs, which will negate a lot of the energy savings from the free passive solar heating. In the desi...

Reflective window film to reduce overheating
Windows and doors

Product feature: window film treatment to reflect heat and lower air conditioning bills into walls. Saving on window replacement A common misconception in home renovations is that money can be saved by replacing old windows. In Reality, rarely does the cost of window replacement purely for saving money actually translate into more money in your pocket, as the cost of purchasing and installing windo...

Solar Electricity Generation & Storage with no Batteries, Azelio
Renewable energy

Azelio Solar solutions combine electricity generation & storage without Batteries the Stirling engine, the heat stored in the alloy is converted into electricity during high demand or at night when the solar PV is no longer generating. It's also "clean" and it doesn't rely on mining scarce minerals the way batteries do. How a Stirling engine works To understand how a Stirling engine works, i...

Ecohome's Kenogami House 'The Most Resilient Home in North America'
Concept and design

Resilient design features for new home construction

...ingle point source of heat, so they are ideally placed in a centralized location, and an open concept design will also mean less temperature variations throughout the home. Incorporating thermal mass into the building envelope will help regulate interior temperatures by absorbing and releasing heat. In winter, ther...

Solar panels power the Kenogami House in Saguenay, Quebec
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

The Kenogami House: Energy systems in Net Zero Energy Home Design

...into the radiant floor heating in the slab foundation. Heating water with PV instead of thermal solar panels: It may seem counterintuitive at first, but there is strong case supporting the use of PV panels for heating water over thermal solar systems in Net Zero Energy homes , though recent innovations such as Vies...

Moving to the Countryside - How to make it Work
Lifestyle, location and commuting

Moving to the countryside? Here's how that can work..., we believe the concept of having materials such as lumber, insulation and drywall being delivered to a building site and assembled in place will in time be nothing but folklore we tell our grandchildren. You don’t have the parts of a car delivered so they can sit in the rain waiting for you to assemble it in your l...

Alternative wall coverings to drywall
Walls and Roofs

The best alternatives to drywall for finishing interior walls demand for hemp building materials, with applications for insulating, soundproofing and finishing . Hemp boards are not structural but they are a solid wall covering. Hemp is a one of the most sustainable alternatives to wood fiber for building materials as well as being non-toxic, so it is great for maintaining he...

Affordable green prefab homes - contemporary rancher style - Abri 1850 BV
Architecture and plan design

Prefab Homes for Sale - Beautiful & Sustainable - Available Now turnkey specification, including; walls and ceilings with plasterboard finish for thermal mass, kitchen island and cabinets in low VOC & formaldehyde-free plywood with hardwearing UV finish , non-toxic quartz countertops , every effort having been made to ensure these homes have an exceptionally healthy indoor air q...

Solar Air Heating Panels for Homes - How to Build DIY
Solar thermal collectors

All about solar air heaters - DIY or purchased

...insulated homes in more gentle climates, with thermal mass included for heat storage, you will likely need an additional heat source like high efficiency wood-burning stoves or fireplaces , or if off-grid an electric-free wood pellet stove . Storing solar heat (thermal batteries): If you incorporate thermal mass in...