Thermal bridge / Guides

Energy modeling simulation of heat loss through thermal bridging
Efficient home design

What is a thermal bridge and why is it so important to break it?

...thermal bridges), concrete slab junctions at walls and balconies, service openings (structural thermal bridges), and 'penetration' thermal bridges such as metal...

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Triple pane south facing windows on Ecohome's Demo House
Windows and doors

How to install windows for the best performance and durability

...thermal bridge, you just trimmed hundreds off of your annual heating bill. Unchecked thermal bridging in a building envelope is like death by a thousand cuts. O...

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Concept, design and architecture

Building science made easy - video

...thermal bridges: When one section of a wall conducts heat much quicker than another, we refer to it as a thermal bridge , and that can greatly reduce the o...

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Thermal image showing where home heat loss is occurring.
Insulation and soundproofing

How insulation works

...thermal bridge', and preventing it is known as a 'thermal break'. Heat loss through thermal bridging When we mentioned at the beginning that the...

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Ice dam
Roof assemblies - renovation

What causes ice dams and how to fix them

...thermal bridging problem. First, let's look at what causes ice dams. Thermal bridging: many older homes have insufficient insulation, particularly at junctions ...

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Prefab frost-protected shallow foundation insulated form kit
Slab on Grade

Raft slabs - How to build Insulated Frost Protected shallow foundations (FPSF) on problem soils

...thermal battery by storing and releasing heat , which helps balance temperatures in both summer and winter. Such quantities of heated thermal mass inside t...

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Exterior damp proofing and drainage mat to protect basements from wate
Insulation and soundproofing

Best practices for basement insulation in new home construction

...thermal bridge of floor sill plates. Another effective technique can be insetting floor joists from the exterior of the concrete to allow continuous insula...

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Air barriers are essential to a properly functioning wall system
Air and vapour barriers

What is an air barrier?

...thermal bridge at each stud. And when joints are taped it makes an excellent air barrier. Excel II sheathing © BP Canada There are many products...

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Shipping container home
Tiny house

Are shipping container houses environmentally friendly?

...thermal bridge , robbing you of your hard earned heat. In order to attain a modicum of energy efficiency, you would end up still having to build an entire ...

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Solariums in cold climates
Greenhouses and solariums

Solariums in cold climates won't heat your home

...thermal bridge , and quickly draw the heat out of the solarium. In short, heat accumulated during the day will be lost at night, and the overall energy balance ...

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Spray polyurethane foam on basement walls prevents mold and midlew
Healthy indoor air quality

Basement renovations: how to prevent mould when retrofitting basements

...thermal bridge and raises the temperature of the stud wall, which helps prevent moist air from condensing. The stud wall allows for the installation of wiring, ...

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