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Why basements flood and how to prevent that with a sump pump
Basements improvements

Why Basements Flood & How to Prevent Flooded Basements

...sump pump? Compare and price Sump Pumps online here Which brings us onto high water level alarms for sump pumps... Should I get a sump pump high level alarm...

Lifestyle and environment

Emergency preparedness guide for homes

...Sump pump battery backup: Most newly build homes with basements have sump pumps, but they require power to operate. And, the most likely time you will lose powe...

Installing a rainwater catment system
Rainwater Collection & Watering

Installing a rainwater catchment system

...sump and water pump installed could avoid this happening and enable the tank to be more fully or completely buried. This type of installation should be done pro...

Insulating crawlspaces as part of home renovation
Crawl spaces

How to insulate crawlspaces properly as part of renovating an older home

...sump pump at the lowest point. Even if you’ve never had flooding in the past, that does not mean you will never have it in the future. We’ve never heard anyone ...

Real estate

Evaluating a home before purchase: how to recognize value and potential problems

...sump pump is a good thing to find in the basement, one that includes a battery backup for power outages is a real bonus, and another indication of a conscientio...

Off-grid home with solar PV & Battery backup
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Thinking about renewable home energy and a battery backup?

...sump pump? Will it be able to function when the power is out? PV panels can ensure that they will, and in the absence of those it can be worth looking into a de...

Net Zero Energy Home ZNE in Edmonton Alberta
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Award winning Net Zero house in Edmonton Alberta Leads the Way

...sump pump is equipped with a valve to allow for watering of the yard. Annual water consumption of the home is 140,000 litres; 28,000 litres per occupant per yea...

Ecohome's Kenogami House 'The Most Resilient Home in North America'
Concept and design

Resilient design features for new home construction

...sumption by as much as 2/3rds compared to a conventional wood stove. Solar thermal panels powered by photovoltaics: pumps and fans for hydronic solar panels (...

Radon Mitigation - Installing a radon evacuation stack in a slab floor
Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Mitigating radon gas in homes

...sump pump housings Cracks, gaps and joints in walls, floors, ceilings Openings around pipes Well Water What are the health effects of radon gas? Exp...

Step by step guide for slab-on-grade home construction
Slab on Grade

Slab-on-grade construction: the ecoHOME A to Z Slab building guide

...sump pump. Cover the French drain with a layer of crushed stone, then cover it with a geotextile to prevent the accumulation of sediment. Notes for Drains...