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Wind farm
Wind power

Storing power from wind farms

...storing excess power, the system will increase its effectiveness in two ways - by making use of energy that is often dumped from wind farms at off-peak hours, a...

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Lifestyle and environment

Emergency preparedness guide for homes

...Storing emergency food and water: City water systems will remain pressurized during power failures, but for those on a well, they require power to pump wat...

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Wind turbine © Jinterwas, Flickr
Lifestyle and environment

Clean energy infrastructure and efficient-housing for Canada's Indigenous communities

...powerful force for change and are partnering, owning, and operating projects. Our mission is to create an inclusive and open Indigenous clean energy community o...

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Ssolar air heater
Solar thermal collectors

All about solar air heaters - DIY or purchased

...power, you can gain heat simply through natural convection as warm air rises, but you will get much more heat by forcing air through it with a fan. Fans don't r...

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Earthship in Taos, New Mexico
Concept, design and architecture

Do Earthships work in cold climates?

...Power is generated onsite by photovoltaic solar panels and wind, propane is typically used for cooking, and in colder climates water heating. Rainwater is c...

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