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A 'Stirling' idea for charging your cell phone

...Stirling engine powered by heat disparities (a hot or cold drink, a candle, ice, etc.) to fully charge your cell phone. Invented in the early 1800s, Stirling engines are far from new. However, with new materials and modern electronics they are now being put to use in creative ways, previously unexplored. The onE Puck...

Solar Electricity Generation & Storage with no Batteries, Azelio
Renewable energy

Azelio Solar solutions combine electricity generation & storage without Batteries

...Stirling engine works To understand how a Stirling engine works, imagine a steam engine where water is boiled, and steam turns a piston. A Stirling engine heats and cools gas, and the gas expands and contracts as that happens. As the gas is heated by the thermal battery, it expands and forces a piston. Gas is cooled ...

Electric scooter for commuting

The Scrooser: Electric scooter for urban commuting

...engineered electric scooter with a top speed of 24 km (15 mph) and a range of 35.5 km (22 miles). It works with an Impulse Drive that is literally kickstarted by it's rider as the engine engages when the scooter reaches speeds over 3 km per hour. The Scrooser not only got legs through Kickstarter, the crowd sou...

60 Minutes On This Bicycle Can Power Your Home For 24 Hours (In Theory Anyhow)
Renewable energy

Can you really power your home with a bicycle generator?

...Stirling coaster phone charger that uses the heat or cold from your coffee or beer to charge your device... How cool is that?