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Home-buying tips for seniors looking to downsize

...seniors housing While considering the features of a home and determining if it’s the right home for you, consider the long-term. Does the home have modifications that will make it easier for you to age in place? For example, does it have a walk-in tub or shower? You should also look for homes that are a single-story,...

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Are you selling a house? Here are the top 10 things homebuyers look for

...housing, we have watched this trend grow; seeing confirmation by a national survey of what we ourselves have sensed and witnessed is very encouraging. Some homebuilders question the value of a more energy efficient design, often doubting they will get their money back for their efforts and added investment. This conf...

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Flexible house design

Flexible house design

...housing: Depending on the stage you are at in your life, you might have kids, they might be gone or you might want to have some in the future. Design floor plans that work for you right now but can be easily adapted to accommodate different family dynamics in the future. Flexible housing starts with a basic layout ...

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Downsizing your home: buying tips for seniors

...seniors are making the decision to buy a home in retirement. However, buying at 65 isn’t quite the same as buying at 30. Here are some things you need to consider. Buying vs. renting in retirement Are you certain you should buy your next home? Seniors on a tight income benefit from the predictability of renting. Yo...