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Downsizing your home: buying tips for seniors

...homeowner, you still have the ability to tap into your home's equity for any expenses. Mortgage options for seniors Some seniors prefer to fully pay for their home for peace of mind. As long as you're not tying up all your money in a home, there's nothing wrong with paying cash, and it makes you a more competitive ...

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Home-buying tips for seniors looking to downsize

...seniors housing While considering the features of a home and determining if it’s the right home for you, consider the long-term. Does the home have modifications that will make it easier for you to age in place? For example, does it have a walk-in tub or shower? You should also look for homes that are a single-story,...

Real estate

Are you selling a house? Here are the top 10 things homebuyers look for for seniors , evaluating ahome before buying , and all you need to know about green home renovations and upgrades in the Ecohome Green Home Building Guide pages.

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Flexible house design

Flexible house design can have a lot more features and gadgets than in years past, so it can be really helpful to have a trouble shooting manual and maintenance schedule for the systems of your home. It can come in handy for yourself, but also it's a great feature if you sell your home. Even if you go on vacation for a week it can h...