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Are you selling a house? Here are the top 10 things homebuyers look for

...A market study by AVID Ratings Canada for the Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA) surveyed 12,000 homebuyers across Canada to see what Canadians are look...

Real estate

Downsizing your home: buying tips for seniors

...ant. That's an important benefit for older adults who may need to undertake some aging-in-place remodeling. And as a homeowner, you still have the ability to ta...

Choosing a building lot

Things to look for when purchasing land for building a house hand: larger-sized rocks that are unearthed during excavation may be useful, and even valuable. They can be used for natural landscaping and retaining walls;...

Lifestyle, location and commuting

Home-buying tips for seniors looking to downsize

...aseball cards or to give your handmade quilts to family members and keep your favorite one. It’s also a smart idea to have a yard sale after you declutter. Pe...

A Vancouver laneway house
Flexible house design

Flexible house design

...ample, this can be easily accomplished by: Designing a bedroom so part of it can serve as a hallway for a future expansion while maintaining a reasonable si...

Renovate, Remodel or Rebuild? How to choose which is Best for Homes
Wall assemblies - renovation

Should I be renovating my home or tearing it down & rebuilding?

...aterials as well as the amount of waste that will be sent to a landfill. From a material conservation and sustainability point of view, that would always be our...

Greenhouse Construction for Cold Climates
Greenhouses and Sunrooms / Solariums

How to build a greenhouse in a cold climate

...abric with an insulating layer of air in between. The insulated greenhouse is heated with a reclaimed forced-air furnace that is that activated automatically ...

Real estate

Real estate

...ace: being close to parks and waterways Soil conditions and topography to avoid flooding Stay away from flood plains Backyard privacy and greenery Sun e...