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Frost Heave Prevention Helps Stop Frost Heaving Breaking up Home Foundations
New foundations and slab-on-grade

What causes Frost Heave? Preventing frost heaving is down to good foundation design

...insulation against frost heave, so it has been ingrained in us for centuries as essential. But, thanks to modern building practices, you can also use ‘insulation’ as insulation against frost heave! Soil has an insulating value of about R3 per foot, where foam insulation will be between R3 and R5 per inch. That’s why ...

Future proof your home by preparing and building to for climate change
Planning and Design

Homes built for Climate Disruptions: A Primer for Home Owners and Buyers

...roofing homes so they can withstand climate change , find more pages about sustainable and resilient green building techniques here : Resilient homes: future-proof building for a changing Climate See the most resilient home in North America What is the best insulation for a home? How much insula...

Greenhouse Construction for Cold Climates
Greenhouses and Sunrooms / Solariums

How to build a greenhouse in a cold climate

...roof. The north roof is metal. Rigid insulation was used below the floor and on the north wall. Glazing is a mix of polyethene, patio doors and reclaimed windows. For Greenhouse's in Kit form online with delivery, or Greenhouse construction materials, see here Ventilation: At this moment, two small fans p...

Ecohome's Kenogami House 'The Most Resilient Home in North America'
Concept and design

Resilient design features for new home construction

...roof and walls. Roof valleys will often be necessary with certain designs, but they add complication and cost, so just keep that in mind. Ensure sufficient airflow through attics to avoid any buildup of moisture . A roof overhang of 2, 3 or even 4 feet will reduce the frequency of wall-wetting from wind driven ra...

Canada's first LEED V4 Platinum certified home - The Edelweiss House
LEED Homes

Canada's first LEED V4 Platinum house - An EcoHome project checklist

...insulation , including the insulation used under the slab LED lighting fixtures and bulbs Interior paints and floor adhesives with zero volatile organic compounds A DIY Green living roof Under-slab high performance radon barrier Formaldehyde-free Kitchen Cabinets Split system air to air heat pump installati...

Prefab LEED Passive House Kit Homes the Future of House Building?
Passive House

Prefab Passive House & LEED ready kit homes - the future of home building?

...Insulation levels are almost twice the standards required under Part 11 of the Quebec Building Code Wood fiber insulation boards on the exterior as a continuous insulation layer Chosen High-Performance Wall Brands : Dörken Delta membranes Climatizer Insulation, high density cellulose insulation High-efficie...

What is Interstitial Condensation? (And how to stop it!)
Walls and Roofs

What is Interstitial Condensation in Walls or Roofs? (And how to stop it!)

...insulation to the walls as a means of keeping your home cooler in summer. Remember, Insulation is the gift that keeps on giving, long after that fancy new central air conditioning system needs major servicing or replacement! To read all about why not to install central air in homes with a poly vapor barrier, see here...

The Top Twelve Green Building Trends for 2020
Planning and Design

Find out what's trending in 2020 for Green Home Construction

...insulation and spray foam insulation have always had a bad rap in the green home construction industry, and not without good reason , but the true problem is not what most people think. A brief pause here while I slip on the Kevlar vest I wear when I defend foam insulation in the green building community… The actual ...

$40k Interest-Free Loans for Green Home Renos, How to Apply Canada 2021
Grants and incentives

Greener Homes interest-free loan scheme 2021 Canada - the ultimate guide

...insulation and airtightness first, then look at the cool energy-saving gizmos. It's not that we don’t like gizmos ( see our favorite energy efficiency smart home gadgets here ), but gizmos break down and insulation doesn’t. No one ever called an insulation repair person in the middle of the night because their insula...

Solar thermal collectors

All about solar thermal collectors

...roof, being a modular system, it can be brought up in pieces. Hermetically-sealed air provides excellent insulation and makes the collector virtually unaffected by outdoor air temperatures in winter. Even in the heat of the summer, you could touch the tubes with a bare hand although the pipe inside would scold you in...

Green building certifications

Powerhouse: the new standard for positive energy design

...Insulation and even solar panels aren’t plucked from trees, they have a carbon footprint of their own, which can vary wildly depending upon where they were are produced and what source feeds the grid in a particular region. Powerhouse Drøbak Montessori Secondary School in Norway © Powerhouse Another way that Po...