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The birthplace of Passive House solar home design The Saskatchewan Conservation
Passive solar home design

Saskatchewan: The birthplace of Passive House and passive solar home design of the Conservation House by its designer, Harold Orr , how to get a home Passive House Certified , and all about Passive solar home design in the Ecohome Green Building Guide pages.

Tiny Houses encouraged Washington State for Affordable Housing WA
Tiny house

Tiny Houses - Washington State promotes tiny homes & Eco-villages for Affordable Housing in WA

...Reviewing zoning maps and comprehensive plans to determine where tiny house communities & villages could be located in WA. Identifying & removing existing barriers to tiny houses in code (e.g., minimum size requirements for permanent residences). Amending existing site plan regulations to include provision for tiny...

Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

A Toronto Off-grid home 20 years later; how did it fare? How could it be optimized? of this house is based on the CMHC’s research report, along with the homeowners’ testimony after more than 20 years living in it. The ‘Toronto Healthy House’ design concept As a semi-detached, three-bedroom, 1700 square foot home, in size this is nothing out of the ordinary. But the efforts and strategies pu...

HEPA filters & SMART Air Filters catch airborne dust, pollen, allergens, viruses
Healthy indoor air quality

Buying guide for home air filters in furnaces - HEPA, SMART or Regular? coming soon! What is a MERV rating on air filters? MERV is an air filter rating system that stands for Maximum efficiency Reporting Value and was developed 1987 by The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). MERV filters range from 1-16; the higher the value the hi...