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How to REPAIR DRYWALL - jam that sticky white stuff in those holes folks
Walls and ceilings - interior surfaces

How to repair drywall - fill holes, cracks and dents in walls like a pro

...repaired and ready for primer and touch up paint. How to repair wide drywall cracks If the crack you are repairing is wider than a half inch, first cover it with drywall tape. Drywall tape comes with two options – either paper, or a self-adhesive mesh. Pros use the paper, but pros aren’t here reading this, so… get ...

When should you replace windows
Windows and doors

When should you replace old windows?

...Repairing old windows: If your frames are in relatively good shape and the issue is air leakage, repair is not only possible, it will likely be much cheaper and offer a very quick payback for your efforts in terms of saving energy and money. Air tightness - air isn't moving through the glass, it’s leaking around ol...

Installing recycled drywall in the Edelweiss House
Walls and ceilings - interior surfaces

Choosing the best drywall - video drywall in our guide here Thanks to our sponsor CGC for taking part in the Edelweiss House project.

$40k Interest-Free Loans for Green Home Renos, How to Apply Canada 2021
Grants and incentives

Greener Homes interest-free loan scheme 2021 Canada - the ultimate guide person in the middle of the night because their insulation suddenly stopped working and their house was starting to freeze. But you can be sure that furnace repair companies have gotten a few such calls. We're often asked if better insulated homes are worth the money , and the answer is a resounding yes every ...

LEED Homes

Getting Started any problem areas. A minimum performance level is required for certification. 4) Once inspections are completed, the provider files the necessary paperwork with the CaGBC which includes the following documents required for certification: a) A completed and signed check list . b) Accountability forms signed...

Bike lanes in Vancouver
Lifestyle, location and commuting

Vancouver's goal of becoming the Greenest City by 2020 any air leaks before construction is completed. While they are a prerequisite for programs like LEED, unfortunately blower door tests are not something required by provincial building codes. When there is a minimum performance requirement in place, builders must repair flaws in the building envelope before o...

Reflective window film to reduce overheating
Windows and doors

Product feature: window film treatment to reflect heat and lower air conditioning bills them. Windows are without a doubt where most of the heat is lost from a home, so if you can reduce those heat losses and avoid a full home window replacement, you will be financially ahead and a lot less building waste will be sent to landfills. In-house product testing and approval! Emmanuel Cosgrove, a c...

How to Fix a Leaky or Dripping Faucet Easily
Plumbing renos, repairs and maintenance

How to fix a Leaky Faucet for under $1 (and stop that tap dripping!)

...repairs a go - but don't blame me if it all goes pear-shaped, ok? If over 30 years in the construction industry has taught me anything, it's that home reno jobs, especially "quick repair tasks" rarely go 100% as planned, especially when you weren't the person who installed things correctly in the first place... Repai...

Real estate

Are you selling a house? Here are the top 10 things homebuyers look for

...Repairing or replacing windows: This is a tricky topic - you don't often get your money back out of a window replacement unless they were in very bad condition. Sometimes repair is a more sensible option, read more about what to look for when choosing windows. But - don't be sold into replacing all your windows without...

Air barriers are essential to a properly functioning wall system
Air and vapour barriers

What is an air barrier?

...Repairable: access for repair if damaged. A sampling of air barrier materials and techniques: House wrap: Also known as Water Resistive Membranes (WRBs) , brand names include Tyvek and Typar. While its intent is largely as a breathable membrane to protect against water penetration behind cladding, it can be an ef...