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Carbon Offset Schemes - Whale Poop leads Nature's Own Way
Lifestyle and environment

Save the Whale's (Poop) - Save the Planet !! (And $2m per Whale)

...reduction - who knew! Enjoying my jokes, or a serious calculation about the Carbon-Reduction potential of Whales? Let's say both - photo: Ralph Chami To set the scene, the podcast was recorded during a beautiful day out on Michael's small research boat in Mexico, when he and Ralph sat down to discuss the valu...

Ecohome's passively heated Edelweiss House
Efficient home design

Are better insulated homes worth the money?

...reduction targets. That's a win, win, win hat trick. Despite the fact that better-insulated houses would mean more money for builders and owners, our shopping habits force them to build to bare minimum performance requirements to remain competitive, so we remain in a holding pattern where everyone the large energy pr...

The LEED Platinum Beachaus II in Vancouver, BC
LEED Homes

The Canada Green Building Council (CAGBC) Measures the Environmental Benefit of the LEED Certification Program.

...reduction in greenhouse gas emissions which equates to taking 58,980 cars off the roads for a year. Energy savings of 1,600,321 eMWh, enough to power 54,307 homes in Canada for a full year. Home water conservation strategies that resulted in saving over 3.3 billion litres, the equivalent of 1,336 Olympic sized sw...

Passive House on a Budget - The Damn Near Passive house
Passive House

The Un-certified but 'Damn Near' Passive House.

...reduction in monthly outgoings, increased comfort and a reduced environmental footprint. The EcoHome Team decided to prove the point when we built the economical yet high-performance Edelweiss, which was the second certified LEED Platinum V4 home in the world and first in Canada (see here) and which coincidentally wa...

Fire retardants in furniture are intended to slow flames
Interior design and furnishing

Flame retardants in furnishings - an unnecessary and serious health risk

...Reduction of spermatogenesis Cancer Where flame retardants are found in your home © EPA Flame retardants are virtually unavoidable: In Canada, manufacturing compounds based on PBDEs have been banned since 2008, but there is no legislation regulating imported products, nor is it mandato...

Why Electric Heating Systems are Best for Sustainable Homes
Heating with electricity

Heating with Electricity - The Best Choice for High Efficiency & Zero Energy Homes?

...reduction in carbon emmissions in the future. Electric powered heat pumps save money Heat pumps powered with electricity can heat a house on average about three times more efficiently than other heat sources. And pairing an air source heat pump with a heat pump water heater can further save energy and money. Air ...

Suburb of Toronto
Choosing where to live

Living a greener lifestyle in the suburbs

...reduction in fuel consumption will save money and global resources. EV's are quite common now, and car manufacturers and Governments are aware of resource and climate issues so hopefully we will see more functional sustainable and financially viable transit options in the near future - like the SEM-B Mobility system ...

Correctly installed Triple pane south facing windows on Ecohome's Demo House
Windows and doors

Installing doors & windows for the best performance in high efficiency homes, LEED & Passive House

...reduction in thermal bridging but maximize interior passive heat gain, which is slightly reduced the further to the inside that you place your window. Correct Choice & Fitment of Doors & Windows makes a measurable difference Windows can really make or break the comfort and efficiency of your home . Choosing the rig...

Wood frame Triple-glazed, argon-filled windows in the Ecohome Demo House
Windows and doors

Choosing windows - which window frame? wood v aluminum v vinyl

...reduction in heat loss during cold nights. For serious high-performance in windows a second and even third low-E coating can be applied. This combined with interior films and well-insulated frames means the overall performance of residential windows can possibly reach an overall performance of R20 or more, which was ...

“The perfect lawn” comes with a very heavy environmental cost!

Which are the best bee-friendly & Eco-friendly alternatives to grass lawns in backyards?

...reduction in noxious emissions of 21% between 2011 and 2018, this is no reason to be complacent. By now, you may have noticed that herbicides and pesticides were not mentioned above for lawn care. This is because they should not be part of the care. Enough is now known of the dangers of these chemicals to your lawn –...

HERD Home energy rating disclosure
Grants and incentives

Ontario's Home Energy Rating and Disclosure plan (HERD) is great news for home buyers

...reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. What this means for homeowners and buyers, is that before a house can be put on the market it will require an energy audit and rating, which will be paid for by the government. “Ontarians deserve to know how a home operates when comparing properties to better understand thei...