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Prefab & Modular Construction is Booming for Sustainable Homes
Planning and Design

Prefab & Modular Construction poised for dramatic growth in 2020

...reduced construction waste and increased client satisfaction. Improved project scheduling, decreased construction costs and improved building quality are also the top motivation as discovered in the report for increasing the use of prefabrication and modular construction in the next three years. “ Dodge’s research ...

Recycled barn beams and a refinished clawfoot bathtub
Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

Recycled & reclaimed materials

...reduced lifespan, so you may find yourself needing to change them sooner than you'd like. Money invested in high performance windows is money you will likely recoup in savings. However, building a seasonal out building or greenhouse from recycled windows is not only doable, but a great second life for a resource that o...

Living green wall
Healthy indoor air quality

Living walls: what they do and don't do

...reduced absenteeism of employees. There are really two types of plant walls to choose from, either an 'active living wall' or a 'passive living wall'. A professionally constructed wall of either type would have its own controlled irrigation system so there is little maintenance to do; passive or active refers only to...

Affordable green prefab homes - contemporary rancher style - Abri 1850 BV
Architecture and plan design

Prefab Homes for Sale - Beautiful & Sustainable - Available Now

...reduced mobility is an issue, or for those in middle age who are choosing a home to retire into." says Benoit Gingras - President of Batiment Pre-fab, the manufacturers This contemporary prefab Eco Home is the perfect mix of affordability, quality and performance © Studio MMA This room is visually and funct...

How radiant floors work
Delivery: radiant, forced-air and decentralized

How to design for thermal comfort in a home

...reduced radiation loss from your body, so they are more comfortable to be near. Being warmer also means there is less risk of condensation and moisture damage to window frames and wall assemblies. Air leakage causes uncomfortable drafts , but it also allows moisture to pass through walls and condense on cold surfaces...

Efficient home design

Phase change building materials - natural heat storage in buildings

...reduced energy demand for heating and cooling. With very little testing information available we're not comfortable making claims as to how well this or any other such products work, how long they will continue to work, and whether or not it is cost-effective. But we really love the concept. There seem to be a few ...

Photovoltaic solar panels
Renewable energy

Solar heating and energy generation

...reduced heating costs and improved quality of life. A long Canadian winter seems shorter with a bright sunny home. Cons: Poorly designed, these homes are prone to overheating. Moreover, this system is difficult to adopt in existing houses. Lifespan and cost: No extra costs, and it will continue to provide heat as l...

Tesla Solar Roof Cost Comparison, Competitors & Reviews
Solar photovoltaic

Are Tesla solar roofs worth the money? Are there any competitors? Our take on the future of BIPV

...reduced the cost of installation and are ramping up production of the V3 Tesla solar roof to install 1000 per week by 2021. The newest patented version is a larger-sized PV solar shingle made by assembling smaller solar tiles which will reduce the installation time. They have also reduced the amount of connection point...

Solar thermal collectors

Product of the month: Solar water heater with overheating protection

...reduced demand and a greater input of energy, storage tanks can reach their maximum temperature early in the day and enter a state of stagnation, creating a high-temperature and high-pressure environment. Flat plate solar collectors can reach temperatures as high as 200°C (395°F), and evacuated-tube collectors can re...

Canada one of the top 10 countries building LEED homes
LEED Homes

The top 10 countries outside the U.S. certifying buildings with the LEED rating system

...reduced energy and water use. The ranking of the top 10 countries for LEED outside of the U.S. is based on cumulative gross square meters (GSM) of space certified to LEED in each nation as of April 2014. Canada has 17.74 million GSM of LEED-certified space, and in total, it has 4,068 LEED-certified and -registered pr...

Reduce water consumption with residential gray water recycling systems
Plumbing and water heaters

Gray water recycling

...reduced water use - USA & Canada Rainwater recovery and irrigation Future-proof building techniques for a changing climate Resilient design features for new home construction Find more about green home construction in the EcoHome Green Building Guide pages