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Saving Energy in Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs - Our Top Tips to Save Money
Natural swimming pools and ponds

Top tips for energy efficient swimming pools - reduce pool cleaning & running costs

...reduce swimming pool energy consumption as well as hot tub energy costs. The main way being, to build a more efficient pool from the start (and we will soon have an article on that, so be sure to sign up for free membership so you know when we publish it). But as many swimming pools can be an impulse buy without grea...

How to organize food in your fridge to make it last longer
Lifestyle and environment

Fridge organization - how to optimize fridges to reduce food waste (and why it matters)

Did you know that there’s actually an ideal order or layout of how to organize food in the fridge? A way that could help reduce the amount of food wasted and improve how sustainable your household is? So, to set the scene - you’re on your way home with your weekly Costco or Sam's Club haul, you are loaded up with more...

Waste management

How to dispose of Construction waste responsibly

...reduce waste is to plan ahead to keep it at a minimum; here are some suggestions on how you can do that: Design your house with reduced waste in mind by keeping the plans at sensible dimensions. If you plan lengths to be 4 and 8 foot increments instead of 5 and 9, this makes the best use of industry standard dimens...

Ontario climate change action plan
Grants and incentives

Ontario announces ambitious climate change action plan to reduce emissions

...reduce the reliance on fossil fuels COLLABORATION WITH FIRST NATIONS Connect isolated communities to reduce their dependence on diesel Test small local grids (biomass, solar, hydro) RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Introduce tax policies to encourage innovation ($375 million investment in research and develop...

Reflective window film to reduce overheating
Windows and doors

Product feature: window film treatment to reflect heat and lower air conditioning bills

...Reduced condensation on windows Another benefit to SketchNanoGard that improves home durability is how it can prevent condensation from forming on window interiors by as much as 50% . Cold surfaces of windows act as a dehumidifier does, causing humidity from the air to condense into droplets then run down and damage ...

Sorting home recyclable materials at a recycling center
Lifestyle and environment

Why recycling is important, and how to recycle correctly at home

...reduce our household waste, we may not always know the best way to do that, and we may not always know what materials really are recyclable. So we are going to try to clean that up a little here! What happens with recycled materials after curb pickup? Recyclables from homes are sent to recycling centers for sorti...

Why a Zero Waste Lifestyle is Important
Lifestyle and environment

Next to Nothing: Why Living Zero-Waste Matters

...reduce the environmental impact of household trash is the zero-waste movement. Participants reduce the amount of garbage they create by adopting more eco-friendly habits and opting for zero waste products with little or no packaging. Thankfully worldwide some grocery chains like Coles in Australia have started a zero w...

Timber frame construction
Wood and organic materials

Wood frame construction

...reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, trees have a large CO2 storage capacity as they require carbon to grow. In fact, approximately 50% of the mass of wood (when dry) is made up of carbon, which remains in the wood even after it has been harvested. It has thus been shown that using one square metre of ...

Suburb of Toronto
Choosing where to live

Living a greener lifestyle in the suburbs

...reduce your impact: 1. Reduce the use of cars. Can you get to work on foot, bike, or bus? If not, see about carpooling with neighbours. Any reduction in fuel consumption will save money and global resources. EV's are quite common now, and car manufacturers and Governments are aware of resource and climate issues ...

E-bikes and electric scooters- green transportation
Lifestyle, location and commuting

Why you should get an E-bike now

...reduce the amount of trails and roads on which you can ride it, you may also be required to get a license. How much do ebikes cost? The entry level ebikes are quite affordable and can begin under $1,000 USD. These are basic road commuter ebikes with Hub-driven technology. You won’t win any races, and you won’t do g...

Passive solar house design
Passive solar home design

Passive solar home design

...reduce our ability to concentrate - especially if the blue light content is too high. Whether we realize it or not, we are all directly affected by the amount and quality of light we are exposed to. As most of our daylight hours are spent at work, the office environment has a particularly heavy impact on us. As a tes...