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Reduce water consumption with residential gray water recycling systems
Plumbing and water heaters

Gray water recycling

...recycling is unfortunately not one of them. Water as a resource is undervalued, and very much underpriced in terms of what our utility companies charge us. So residential gray water recycling systems are not something that will offere a noticable return on investment through savings on utlity bills, and things might ...

Sorting home recyclable materials at a recycling center
Lifestyle and environment

Why recycling is important, and how to recycle correctly at home

...recycling trucks and garbage trucks have different protocols. A garbage truck can condense its load as much as possible, while a recycling truck generally will not. When recycling truck operators start hearing popping sounds of glass breaking then it is time to empty the truck since their cargo will often be handled by...

Disposing of household waste properly - recycling, garbage & toxic materials

Waste management: compost and recycling

...recycling: To facilitate recycling and waste management, first determine just what services are available in your municipality so you can sort your waste properly. Not all collection and disposal services are the same in all regions - recycling, compost collection, toxic waste depots, etc., but your local municipalit...

Hydraloop gray water recovery and treatment systems
Greywater Recycling

At last, a compact & easy to maintain solution for gray water recycling & treatment - the Hydraloop

...recycling system that's designed for both new homes and home renovations is good news indeed. Learn more Hydraloop won a 2020 CES Consumer Technology Association Innovation award for its recently released gray water recycling system , as well as a "Best of the best" for CES from endgaget and "Best of CES" from Time...

Grey Water Recycling Never Looked Better
Greywater Recycling

Greywater recycling never looked better

The Eco Bath concept is simple: use the waste water from the sink to flush the adjoining toilet. The execution is nothing less than stylish. Though compact, the Eco Bath’s water tank is comprised of two compartments, one that holds drainage water from the adjoining sink and one that contains fresh water in case the ne...

Waste management

How to dispose of Construction waste responsibly

...recycling or pickup by others. Keep unrecyclable and toxic materials separate for easier disposal. Short lengths of framing lumber can be cut to stove length and used as heating fuel if you or anyone you know heats their home with wood. Even if you follow the suggestions above, you will likely end up needing a ...

Tru Earth Eco strips laundry detergent reviews
Lifestyle and environment

Tru Earth Eco-Strip laundry soap reviewed as a liquid laundry detergent alternative

Do Tru-Earth Eco-Strips laundry detergent actually get clothes clean? Any new product such as this can be met instantly with skepticism, or at least perhaps ‘curiosity’ as to whether they will work as well as claimed. So the first question – Do Tru Earth laundry detergent strips actually work? We tried these laundry...

Plastic in landfill
Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

Turning Waste Plastic Into useable Fuel

...recycling, the sad reality is that only about 7% of it is commercially viable for recycling, the rest ends up as landfill. Plastic is a petroleum product that until now has been very inconsistent and unstable when returned to an oil form. Recently a North American fuel company called Plastic2Oil, has developed a proc...

Grey water and heat recovery shower

EcoVéa: recycled and cleaned shower water

...recycling shower, it was brought to our attention that there is a homegrown Canadian variety as well. The EcoVéa shower by Reveeco is made in Quebec, Canada, and works based on the same principles as the Orbys we recently wrote about. Which one is better? Hard to tell, but both are light years ahead of the showers mo...

Midori Uchi
Efficient home design

A new contender for the title of Canada's Greenest Home

...recycling ICF foundations Solar thermal Solar PV In-home energy monitoring and tracking Concrete made from recycled building waste Reclaimed lumber and building materials Naikoon Contracting Ltd. is an award winning design-build company specializing in green residential projects. Founded 32 years ago, N...

The LEED Platinum Beachaus II in Vancouver, BC
LEED Homes

The Canada Green Building Council (CAGBC) Measures the Environmental Benefit of the LEED Certification Program.

...Recycling over 2 million tonnes of construction/demolition waste, or enough to fill 639,642 garbage trucks. Installing 100,239 sq metres of green roofs, or an area the size of 66 NHL hockey rinks. Green roofs reduce the urban heat island effect, reduce building energy demands, provide urban green space and mitigate s...