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"The Boneyard" in Arizona, the world’s biggest aircraft graveyard
Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

Old airplane fuselage is finding a new life as recycled building material.

They might be parked a little more precisely than an auto wrecking yard, but that doesn’t mean they will ever fly again. Decommissioned aircraft have been declared so, because they have reached the end of their safe flying days. While most of us might be fine riding in rusty old cars, few of us would climb into a ru...

Shipping container homes, Good or Bad?
Architecture and plan design

Are shipping container houses environmentally friendly & good or bad to live in?

...Metal is infinitely recyclable, so the container has not been 'saved from a landfill'. Put a chunk of metal at the end of your driveway and it will disappear, destined for a metal recycling depot where someone will be handed some cash in exchange for it. The monetary value alone of an old container ensures it will be r...

Bathroom with refinished claw foot tub and barn board trim in a home c
Materials and resources

Finding environmentally friendly materials

...metal roof has a high embodied energy (meaning energy spent to extract and produce it), however, there are no health effects for home occupants. A metal roof is extremely durable, has a long lifespan and it will be 100% recyclable at the end of its life. This is the kind of thought process you will need to go through...

Metal roof with solar panels
Roof coverings

How to choose roofing materials

...Metal roofs: Metal roofing © Ecohome While the extraction and rendering of metal roofing has a high-embodied energy, it will probably last your lifetime, and at the end of its life it is 100% recyclable. The only recommended maintenance would be in 25 years or so when you might need to replace the screws beca...

Recycled barn beams and a refinished clawfoot bathtub
Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

Recycled & reclaimed materials

...Recycled concrete for foundations and slab floors : Concrete production is a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions; buying concrete with a percentage of recycled content will add pretty much nothing to your life, but the atmosphere will thank you. Fixtures and cabinetry : You can often find some pretty funky lookin...

Concrete, wood and steel structures compared - Timber Frame wins!
Materials and resources

How wood structures compare to steel and concrete for Carbon Footprint

...METAL: +53% +23% +74% +247% +14% -21% CONCRETE: +120% +50% +115% +114% +93% +37% What about recycled content? The inclusion of recycled materials in new products is a significant variable in an LCA, especially in the case of products from non-renewable resources. In many cases, t...

Sorting home recyclable materials at a recycling center
Lifestyle and environment

Why recycling is important, and how to recycle correctly at home

...metal, glass and plastics are recyclable. Look for the recycling symbol somewhere on the packaging to indicate if it is. Plastic and metal kitchenware items aren’t generally recyclable, nor are broken drinking glasses, to name just a few items. How do you know which materials are recyclable? To know for certain wha...

Siding Choices - Board and batten siding
Exterior cladding

Choosing the right exterior siding for fitting, cost comparisons & appearance

...recycled. Cons of metal siding: Production (mining) is not at all green, metal has a high embodied energy. Cost of metal siding: $8 to $20 per square foot installed. Expected lifespan of metal siding: 50 years and over. Many types and styles of metal siding can be found. Pre-finished steel, galvanized steel, ...

Slab-on-grade for Ecohome's upcoming video building guide
Slab on Grade

how to build a slab-on-grade on standard soil

...metal, which our engineer assured us would be significant, far more than we would have expected before seeing software energy simulations. Metal fasteners would have effectively reduced the total R value by almost half, testament to the conductive powers of metal and why as a material it should be very selectively used...

Laneway house by Lanefab Design/Build
Interior design and furnishing

Interior furnishings & decor

...recycled content? It will likely say so if it does. Conversely, the words "new material only" that you will often find on items like bedding, clearly means that it contains no recycled content. Is it recyclable at end of life? Natural fibres like cotton are recyclable, as are metal and solid wood. Chipboard and foam ...

Solar Air Heating Panels for Homes - How to Build DIY
Solar thermal collectors

All about solar air heaters - DIY or purchased

...metal surface. Corrugated metal solar air heater Of the two, it would seem to me the screen design sounds like a bit more work compared to using sheet metal (as seen above), which could be made using old metal roofing and painting it matt black. Labour aside, testing between a screen collector and a pop can col...