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Keyhole Garden

The Keyhole Garden: An Introduction

...bed for the duration, as will the chunky bits of organic matter you add to the layers of the bed as you build it. Keyhole-style gardens are widely considered an efficient way to produce food because they eliminate the wasted space created by paths found in both traditional row gardening and raised bed gardens. They a...

Tips for Urban Gardening and Gardening in Small Spaces
Food production

Grow food at home: 8 great tips for growing food in small spaces

...Gardening products Online with delivery to the door, try here . 3.) Raised beds and square foot gardening: If your gardening space is big enough for raised beds , they can be a great way to maximize space and effort. Not only can raised beds accommodate more plants per square foot, but gardening in a raised bed gre...

The Pros & Cons of Lasagna Gardening for Growing Food
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Lasagna Gardening: the pros & cons of a lasagna garden

...Gardening Drawbacks vs. Benefits Growing lettuce and greens in a lasagna garden There is some work and time involved in successful lasagne gardening, but there would be with the construction of any raised garden bed or vegetable patch; for example, another small space gardening solution – the keyhole garden . Y...

Shaded vegetable garden success
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Growing vegetables in the shade

...raised beds, tools and more with home delivery here - Great for keeping kids off school busy in the Garden!. Now that you know which vegetables grow best in the shade , learn more about how to start a garden and growing food at home in the following pages: How to create a Lasgna Garden - Step by...