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Rain barrels for storm water management and rainwater harvesting
Rainwater Collection & Watering

Introduction to rainwater harvesting

...and protecting our homes and the land surrounding it. Harvesting rainwater can lead us to dozens of other practices that bring us into greater sustainability. The three potential sources for harvesting rainwater: Direct rainfall, street harvesting and roof harvesting. Design landscapes to manage and store rainwat...

Installing a rainwater catment system
Rainwater Collection & Watering

Installing a rainwater catchment system

...storage is considered enough for a small family to be nearly self sufficient for normal domestic usage. The storage size will vary according to local rainfall. Dry areas would require more storage, wet areas less. A cheap and simple solution: You can get started with rainwater collection by installing diverters in ...

Water efficient bathroom fixtures
Plumbing and water heaters

Plumbing & water

...storage capacity. And if you are at all handy and looking to set up a series of barrels, you can probably save a few bucks by buying barrels without taps, and installing a tap yourself. For a complete guide, see our pages on rainwater collection and storage . Aside from reducing your consumption of ground water and t...

Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

A Toronto Off-grid home 20 years later; how did it fare?

...and bathroom sinks are recycled and purified for use with toilets. With no municipal hookup, the only source of water is from rain and snow melt; this is recovered and stored in a 20,000 litre concrete tank buried in the backyard of the house. In addition to mechanical filtration systems (coarse, sand and activated car...

Mobile tiny house
Tiny house

Is Tiny House living in a cold climate good or bad for the planet?

...and sewage - these can be the Achilles heels of tiny houses, at least the mobile ones. The options for waste are holding tanks and composting toilets. Both require maintenance and neither comes cheap. The options for potable water are rainwater storage and treatment or filling up somewhere, also costly or a hassle. The...

Ecohome's Kenogami House 'The Most Resilient Home in North America'
Concept and design

Resilient design features for new home construction

...and foundation wall. Concrete is porous and will continue to absorb moisture and deposit it into your wall assembly for as long as the building stands. One of the cheapest (and most often overlooked) basement durability measures is the installation of a membrane between footings and foundation walls to cut off the supp...

Flooded streets impervious surfaces - Calgary Alberta
Rainwater Collection & Watering

Rainwater management and water-permeable surfaces

...andled much differently, and to everyone's benefit and cost savings. With a little foresight and planning, the next watering moratorium could have little to no effect on you keeping a lush property and garden. For greater detail on sustainable urban landscapes, check out some of the following pages: Read about Water ...