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How to Fix a Leaky or Dripping Faucet Easily
Plumbing renos, repairs and maintenance

How to fix a Leaky Faucet for under $1 (and stop that tap dripping!)

...quarter-turn faucets, remember to keep the left and right (hot and cold) sides seperate, as they operate in opposite directions. You really don't want to mix them up at this point, or your newly repaired and non-leaking faucet will operate backwards. I may know someone who did this recently, but he probably wouldn't ad...

Faulty Toilet Flappers Leak a Lot of Water - here's how to replace them
Plumbing renos, repairs and maintenance

Faulty toilet flappers are the leading cause of leaking or running toilets, here's how to fix them

Why fix a leaky toilet flapper? Another of the jobs that sat on my Honey-Do-List for quite a while longer than I care to admit has been to fix the leaking toilet flapper in the bathroom at the cabin - made worse by us being off grid and only having a relatively small amount of water available in our outside rainwate...