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Crawlspace radon barrier installation for radon mitigation
Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Removing radon gas from basements and crawlspaces

...insulating crawlspaces and stopping radon ingress is eco-friendly sprayfoam applied on the ground and walls; for more details see how to insulate a crawlspace properly page here . To install a radon evacuation stack along with spray foam, there must be some medium in which the air and radon can move around below the fo...

How to Build With Less Wood for Best Performance
Wood and organic materials

How to build high performance homes with less lumber

...properly insulating homes using only 2x4s, which can save money on lumber. For example – a 2x4 stud wall can be built as follows: tape the exterior sheathing so it functions as the air barrier, install 6 inches of EPS foam on the exterior , and those 6 inches will give you an Effective R value of 24. That is far bett...

Free Energy Audits, Net Zero Home Grants & Interest Free Home Renovation Loans
Grants and incentives

0% loans & Grants for Green Home Renovations & Construction - A Boost for Canadians in 2020

...properly. How to finish a basement wall And probably the worst mistakes in building we ever see, and which still happens in new construction as well as renovations, is basements being built wrong. Like....REALLY wrong! Before you allow a contractor to do basement renovations in a way that only makes sense if you ar...

Condensation on windows in our homes - why is it there? - how to stop it?
Walls and Roofs

Condensation on windows is a pain but is it a problem & how to stop it?

...basements were built with inadequate insulation, see here to find out how to improve it if so, or see here for more information on insulating crawlspaces . To learn how to prevent mold in basements, see here – or how to prevent humidity and radon gas in crawlspaces see here . To learn how to build a home on a slab-on-g...

Crawl Spaces or Slab on Grade Foundations?
Crawl spaces

Should I Build on a Slab on Grade Foundation or a Crawl Space?

...properly here , how to insulate a crawlspace here , or all about removing radon gas from basements here and about insulated Slab-on-Grade Foundation Form Systems in the EcoHome Green Building Guides for Sustainable Buildings here

Earthship in Taos, New Mexico, shame they don't work in cold climates
Concept and design

Do Earthships work in cold climates?

...basements with high-humidity that have not been designed to manage moisture properly. This is pretty much the definition of an Earthship in the way it would perform in Canada. Growing food in a cold-climate greenhouse creates a very humid environment, and a fundamental principle of the Earthship is food production on...

Prefab frost-protected shallow foundation insulated form kit
Slab on Grade

Raft slabs - How to build Insulated Frost Protected shallow foundations (FPSF) on problem soils

...properly locate the heating delivery system so as not to affect the structural integrity of the slab. Raft slab Installation First the formed edge pieces are laid in place, the corners need to be squared and secured in their location. following that is the installation of interior board insulation, a radon gas/va...

Insulating crawlspaces as part of home renovation
Crawl spaces

How to insulate crawlspaces properly as part of renovating an older home

...Insulating crawlspaces: The best way to insulate a crawlspace would be to do it from the ground up and consider it just part of the conditioned space as you would with any basement. We make no secret of the fact that we aren't huge fans of spray foam due to the emissions associated with it (with exceptions for eco-fr...