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Hydronic heating system
Delivery: radiant, forced-air and decentralized

Hydronic heating

...power generation (photovoltaic) . New homes can be made 'solar ready' which is very inexpensive, adds value for resale, and is worth LEED points. It is a simple matter of running a normal 4 inch plumbing pipe from your attic to your utility room. By doing so, installing solar panels (thermal or photovoltaic) is a s...

Backyard solar panels
Grants and incentives

The Ontario MicroFIT program

...Power Authority (OPA), contracts are valid and guaranteed for a fixed term of 20-40 years depending on the energy type. This program offers a unique opportunity for those interested in investing in small-scale renewable energy projects for their homes or businesses. The fixed-rate paid of each energy source varies ac...

Solar panel installation
Solar photovoltaic

Ten questions to ask a solar panel contractor

...power from the existing panels. If trackers allow you to get sufficient power from fewer panels, they could justify the extra costs. However, moving parts fail; therefore, your maintenance costs may be higher as well. This is definitely a discussion worth having, and a good reason to ensure that there is a good warrant...

Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Removing radon gas from well water

...power at the well head for the pump, no additional power lines would need to be run to the well, so there is no added hassle or cost difference whether installation happens at the time of construction or a retrofit at a later date. An added benefit is that this system also removes methane, sulfur (the rotten egg smell)...

Why basements flood and how to prevent that with a sump pump
Basements improvements

Why Basements Flood & How to Prevent Flooded Basements

...power outage. The unfortunate reality is that you often need a sump pump during extreme weather events with heavy rainfall , which are also a common time to experience power outages. Another cause can be that the plug is tripped and cuts off power, and on occasion it is simply that someone unplugged it and forgot to ...

Grants and incentives

Green building financial incentives

...power you generate privately. After your needs are met, any surplus power you generate gets fed into the power grid, and you will get paid a very respectable rate. If you lack the funds to get set up, leasing programs are available. Details here . Desjardins : Desjardins' Green Homes Program is available both in Qu...

Tesla Solar Roof shingles
Solar photovoltaic

The Tesla Solar Roof: we love the hype, but we'd like to see some actual facts.

...Powerwall battery to the market there was similar fanfare, yet it didn't come close to meeting the expectations of the brand or even match the performance of existing batteries and shortly afterwards it was quietly discontinued. It has since been replaced by the higher capacity Powerwall 2 . What we like about Tesla'...

Canada's first LEED V4 Platinum certified home - The Edelweiss House
LEED Homes

Canada's first LEED V4 Platinum house - An EcoHome project checklist

...power in this region comes from hydro sources in Quebec, not coal or another fossil fuel, so EcoHome was OK with the power source as being primarily sustainable. " Reynolds also makes a very good point when he continued with; " We also realized that during the times of year we would need most energy, the winter, there'...

Vancouver's first laneway house
Tiny house

Vancouver 's laneway house movement is increasing urban density

...power, water and sewers, instead of building new. It means more efficient use of existing roads and public transportation, and increasing a city's tax base without the high cost of building new infrastructure. But most importantly perhaps, urban densification helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and urban sprawl. Th...

The Best 10 Energy Saving Tips for Green Homes - EcoHome
Wall assemblies - renovation

Green home improvements: an energy-saving pyramid scheme that actually works!

...power keeps rising while the price of efficient bulbs keeps dropping. Efficient bulbs save a lot of energy and money in the long run. See our page all the benefits of efficient home lighting . Additional attic insulation is a great way to save money, but be sure to maintain eaves ventilation © Ecohome Attic i...

The LEED Platinum Beachaus II in Vancouver, BC
LEED Homes

The Canada Green Building Council (CAGBC) Measures the Environmental Benefit of the LEED Certification Program.

...power 54,307 homes in Canada for a full year. Home water conservation strategies that resulted in saving over 3.3 billion litres, the equivalent of 1,336 Olympic sized swimming pools. Recycling over 2 million tonnes of construction/demolition waste, or enough to fill 639,642 garbage trucks. Installing 100,239 sq ...