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Net Zero Energy Home ZNE in Edmonton Alberta
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Award winning Net Zero Energy house in Edmonton Alberta Leads the Way

...photovoltaic panels for make-up energy. Water conservation and material selection strategies are also commendable . Project Performance: Energy intensity 26 KWh/m2/year. All energy required on an annual basis is supplied by a 25KW photovoltaic array Potable water consumption from municipal sources 76.7L/occupant/...

Celsius Solar Igloo
Solar thermal collectors

Celsius: The solar heated igloo!

...photovoltaic cells that charge batteries which then powers interior lights and the outdoor LED display . © Raphaël Thibodeau Us: Is this shelter a first in Québec? L. McC : There are buildings that are heated with solar power in Quebec, but they are almost all private residences. The originality of this project stems f...

Where to place solar panels
Renewable energy

Where to place solar panels

...photovoltaic (which convert sunlight into electrical energy). The angle at which you put either type of panel will determine how well they perform.The following is an excerpt from a piece written by Hugh Perry, provided courtesy of ecoHouse Canada Magazine. The direction and angle of solar panels: Inclination in ge...

Artistic rendition of the 2000 square foot sustainable home being buil
Living Building Challenge

Taking the Living Building Challenge

...photovoltaic solar panels feeding the power grid and pre-fab straw bale walls. "The treatment of human waste into useful compost rather than being one of the largest environmental problems facing our waterways is absolutely key to making sustainable change. It’s also something most people would rather not think about...

Sustainably built Prefabricated Tiny houses from FabCab
Tiny house

Tiny Houses: The FabCab prefabricated building WA

...photovoltaic, hot water, or both) , a green roof , and rainwater collection systems ." While the company is based in Seattle, Washington - where recent Tiny House legislation has made Tiny Homes legal for permanent residency , FabCab components can be shipped anywhere in North America. The company is expanding to wor...

Multi Unit Passive House design Vancouver Island BC
Passive House

The North Park Passive House on Vancouver Island, BC

...photovoltaic solar array on the roof feeds electricity to the grid via the Strata corporation’s [an ownership model in BC similar to condominium ownership] smart meter. With a net-metering program in effect and very little load on that meter, the Strata corporation will receive an annual cheque from BC Hydro, helping t...

Passive solar house design
Passive solar home design

Passive solar home design

...photovoltaic power generation, or thermal solar where liquid passing through tubes collects heat to be redistributed through your house. According to NASA, every day the sun provides the earth with 10,000 times the total energy consumed by humans. A passive solar house is simply one that has been designed to take adv...


Case Study: Kenogami House, Saguenay, Quebec

...photovoltaic solar panel system. The ceiling is insulated to R151; walls have a 'true' R value rating of 80, and the energy load needed for heat on the coldest days is estimated at 12 W per square meter or a total of 2100 W. For the most part, this home is expected to remain at a comfortable temperature throughout th...

Passive solar heating & cooling in Homes has a long history in USA
Passive solar home design

Passive house and passive solar - free heat for homes

...photovoltaic for power generation or thermal solar for heat collection. Both are complicated systems that will likely include some moving parts that will eventually, without fail.... fail. Passive solar design on the other hand is simply common sense. Just figure out where the sun is, and point your windows at it. Yo...

Canada Greener Homes Grant 2021 - How to apply fiberglass attic insulation
Grants and incentives

Canada Greener Homes Grant 2021 - the "how to apply" guide - step by step

...Photovoltaic Solar Panels Install photovoltaic solar panels to convert sunlight energy into electricity. Maximum Grant Amount: Up to $5,000 Adding Resiliency measures Incentives to protect your home and your family from environmental damages (must be combined with another retrofit) Maximum Grant Amoun...

The LEED Platinum infill house in Toronto
Real estate

Farnham Avenue House

...photovoltaic solar panel array, which generates current from direct sunlight on the front side and from roof-reflected sunlight on the rear side, consisting of 25 modules generating a total of 7 kW, is connected to grid (no batteries). The high-reflectance exposed roof membrane directs sunlight to the rear face of the ...