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Gas powered tankless water heaters
Plumbing and water heaters

Are tankless water heaters good?

...water heaters , on demand water heaters and instantaneous water heaters are different names for the same thing - domestic hot water systems that do not include ...

Heat pump hot water heaters, why they're a good idea
Plumbing and water heaters

How heat pump hot water heaters work and why you should get one

...water heaters, good or bad idea? Water heaters are generally the biggest energy drain in a home after heating . so Air-to-water heat pump water heaters are po...

Water efficiency
Plumbing and water heaters

How to save money on your hot water bills!

...water recovery systems offer a good return on investment. Tankless water heaters Tankless water heaters © Ecohome Tankless or ‘on demandwater heater...

Hydronic heating system
Delivery: radiant, forced-air and decentralized

Hydronic heating

...onic system can be achieved in many ways: Tankless (on demand) water heaters Combination hot water tank and boiler Combination solar water heater and bo...

Solar thermal collectors

Product of the month: Solar water heater with overheating protection

...onjunction with hydronic radiant heaters or radiant floors. The percentage of your heating demand that a collector will provide in any situation depends on sola...

Photovoltaic solar panels
Renewable energy

Solar heating and energy generation

...onnect all the wires for what could seem an eternity depending on the season. It may not be a strong force on the market yet, but conceptually it has enormous...

Solar thermal collectors

All about solar thermal collectors

...on Solar Water Heaters, read about EcoHome's new concept home with a solar air heated radiant floor that delivers solar heated water in the summer months. This ...

Solar panel installation
Solar photovoltaic

Ten questions to ask a solar panel contractor

...onal pole if your consumption goes up in the future; it also gives you the option of starting with a smaller system while you work on reducing consumption, with...

Swimming Pool Heating - Save energy & money & be Eco-friendly as possible Tips
Natural swimming pools and ponds

Heating a Swimming Pool - Top 10 Cost-Efficient & Eco-friendly ways to heat a pool

...on if they'll be used in colder conditions. For more detailed instructions on solar swimming pool heaters, see the US Government site here . 9) Reduce the ...

Solar Air Heating Panels for Homes - How to Build DIY
Solar thermal collectors

All about solar air heaters - DIY or purchased

...heaters for sale are also available online for purchase with a bit of internet digging. Aside from large commercial installations, the most common application...

Off-grid leed home
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Off-grid living blog post 4: appliances, mechanical and other systems

...onnect, up to a very strong signal (5 out of 5 bars of reception listed on the phone). To have a ready internet connection, we connected a cellular modem. T...