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Passively-heated off-grid LEED house in Low, Quebec
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Off-grid living blog: a firsthand account of building and living in a remote area passively heated home. This is the first of many posts that will follow, written by Craig himself, documenting his research and the decisions made thro...

Off-grid leed home
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Off-grid living blog post 4: appliances, mechanical and other systems LEED Gold passively-heated home. In years past, the mechanical systems and appliances within off-grid homes looked quite different from typical grid-...

Off-grid, passively-heated LEED Gold home
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

All about off-grid power generation power system, and more. For any readers who may actually be considering building an off-grid system, this is the sort of nitty gritty details that you ...

Off-grid home with solar PV & Battery backup
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Thinking about renewable home energy and a battery backup? off-grid see here , from the EcoHome Green Building Guides

Heating an off-grid home
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Off-grid heating systems

...Off-grid living blog post 1: Concept, design and building envelope Off-grid living blog post 2: Generating power You could also consider heating with a hi...

Passively-heated off-grid LEED Gold home
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Off-grid living blog - energy modeling projections and real performance

This is the fifth piece in a blog series called Sunshine Saved , written by Craig Anderson as he documents the design and construction of an off-grid LEED Gold...

The off-grid Ecocapsule accessory dwelling unit
Tiny house

The off-grid Ecocapsule tiny house the dream. Like the Swiss Army Knife of tiny homes, the Ecocapsule packs everything you need into one very efficient, compact d...

The Fincube tin house
Tiny house

The Fincube off-grid tiny house space, the functional wall panels are situated in the middle of the room, and the four living areas (living room and bedroom, kitchen and bathroom) open ...

A sustainably built, ultra modern and affordable tiny house
Tiny house

NOMAD Micro Home fuelled by crowd funding, takes green building world by storm. capable. Manufactured in British Columbia by those friendly friendly Canadians, The NOMAD micro home is a pre-fabricated Tiny House kit. Light enough...

Wood pellet stoves that don't need electric ideal for off grid operation
Wood stove and biomass heat

These wood pellet stoves for off-grid heating don't need electric to operate or likely to be during power outages, read on... Which electric-free pellet stoves are best off-grid? Wood Pellet stoves have always been a great a...

Tiny Tack House living room
Tiny house

The tiny house movement: Tiny Tack House room bench doubles as an extra bed while concealing drawer space underneath. Dormers in the loft allow for clothing storage, head room and extra windows ...