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The passive solar home in Lac Kenogami, Quebec
Passive solar home design

Ecohome design wins House of the Year Award from Green Builder® Magazine, where Alain Hamel lives in Northern Quebec (marked on the map to the right) is on the far edge of where this is even possible. Because of his particularl...

How much is Too Much Insulation in my Attic or Walls?
Insulation and soundproofing

Diminishing returns on insulation. How much insulation is too much? or resilient home that can stay warm or cool during power outages because it's design is high performance and efficient. In fact - we think that's a ...

The Otis mobile tiny house
Tiny house

The Tiny House Movement may have gotten tinier with the arrival of Otis

Three years ago, professor Lucas Brown’s students in Green Mountain College’s Renewable Energy and Ecological Design (REED) class built a custom-designed tiny ...

Resilient home construction - Kenogami House of the Year
Efficient home design

"The Most Resilient House in North America"

A resilient home for Sustainability Northern Quebec isn’t a place where one might expect to look for a model of resilience . It’s bone-chilling cold in the w...

Solar thermal collectors

Product of the month: Solar water heater with overheating protection and render the system useless for a period of time. This brings us to the Vitosol 200-FM flat plate collector from Viessmann . The Vitosol panel has an ab...

Backyard solar panels
Grants and incentives

The Ontario MicroFIT program

...grid and receive premium prices for any excess energy produced above the needs of the property. In 2009, along with the introduction of the Ontario Green Ener...

Transparent solar power producing windows
Renewable energy

transparent solar panels

...offset the entire energy bill of such a building. Skyscrapers are notorious energy hogs as they seem if anything to be designed to shed heat in the winter rathe...

Solar Radiant Heated Floor Slab Kit
Delivery: radiant, forced-air and decentralized

Solar heated radiant floor with radiant heated hot water for a site with problem soil - expansive clay

EcoHome is in the process of building our next demonstration low-energy house , and to do so we have partnered with a company that manufactures frost-protected...

Dual axis solar tracker
Solar photovoltaic

Choosing between solar trackers and fixed solar panels mounts

...offers net-metering, you will want to take this into consideration to program your battery system for optimal benefit. If you are not storing solar power but ...

Lifestyle and environment

Emergency preparedness guide for homes

...grid failure or absence of municipal services. Storing emergency food and water: City water systems will remain pressurized during power failures, but for t...