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Passive House certification - PHI or PHIUS? The Spring House Passive House
Passive House

Everything you need to know about Passive House certification

...non-toxic homes too, especially as high-efficiency homes tend to be more airtight, so the chemicals we choose to use in our homes and the materials we build them from are more important than ever. More of that here . The world's first passive house built in Saskatchewan in 1977, The Conservation House, is still the...

The Pros & Cons of Lasagna Gardening for Growing Food
Food production

Lasagna Gardening: the pros & cons of a lasagna garden

...non-toxic newspapers, leaves or cardboard alternated with green layers (nitrogen) such as grass clippings, kitchen organic scraps, or even coffee grounds - though to be sure check why some say never to put coffee grounds on plants or gardens here – and be careful not to overload it with too rich a compost mix if you ar...

FSC certified wood carries the FSC certification labels
Wood and organic materials

All about FSC certified lumber & wood products - Why FSC certification is important

...non-toxic pallets for furniture and inside homes Which is better, OSB or plywood - for roofs, walls and floors? The best lumber choices for wood frame construction of homes How to sustainably dispose of construction waste Where to find FSC certified products locally Find more about green h...

White pine floors finished with Rubio Monocoat, a zero VOC durable oil
Flooring and stairs

Sanding your own wood floors

...non-toxic that's easy to apply, see here for more details - from the EcoHome Green Building Guides

Carpenter ants are a common pest and nuisance to get rid of in homes
Pest control

Removing insects and rodents from your home, safely & humanely (by preference)

...non-toxic solutions first, but we have included other options if the highest of high roads doesn’t work. We would also be pleased to hear about your own success stories in the comments section at the bottom if you have a pest removal suggestion that isn’t listed here. Dealing with some invasions can pose a health and...

Quarantine DIY Projects to do with Kids - Refinishing Wood

Home improvement projects to do with kids - Refinishing wood

If you are home with your kids like us right now, then you can count yourselves among the lucky ones. A huge round of applause from all of us to the essential workers – the doctors and nurses, the people keeping hospitals clean and running, the grocery store workers, the delivery and truck drivers, the gas station att...

Renovate, Remodel or Rebuild? How to choose which is Best for Homes
Wall assemblies - renovation

Should I be renovating my home or tearing it down & rebuilding?

...non-toxic materials in the EcoHome Guides here , on USA & Canada's favorite Green Sustainable building website - EcoHome

A Tiny House for sale locally set me thinking, should I buy a Tiny Home?
Tiny house


...non-toxic materials. Maybe selling Tiny Houses without the wheels is the way forward in any setting, we think this should be the trend What kind of person could live in a Tiny House? Tiny Homes, in my opinion, would ideally suit a single person looking to live a simpler life or a minimalistic couple with no i...

Healthy indoor air quality

The impact of ambient fragrances on our health

Given that we spend about three quarters of our time indoors (counting both home and work), it is essential that we work to ensure clear indoor air quality. Contrary to what many people believe, indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. How is inside air worse that outside air? The air you breathe inside...

Recycled barn beams and a refinished clawfoot bathtub
Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

Recycled & reclaimed materials

The cost of every item we purchase is determined in part by the price of oil. This includes products that are in no way petroleum based, since material extraction, manufacturing and transportation will in one way or another, rely at least in part on oil. As the price of oil continues to rise, the money saved by empl...