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Hawaii Preparatory Academy Energy Laboratory
Living Building Challenge

What is the Living Building Challenge?

...Net zero energy: One hundred percent of the project’s energy needs must be supplied by on-site renewable energy on a net annual basis. Health - 3 Imperatives 8) Civilized environment: Every room of interior living space must have operable windows. 9) Healthy air: To ensure safe indoor air quality, the follo...

Why Building Affordable Eco Homes is Important
Efficient home design

Why building an affordable family home today means choosing to build a Green Home

...Net Zero Energy Home in a cold climate zone is necessary - even 60% better - which is relatively easy to achieve - is already a huge step forward. While we continue to see news from around the globe of wildfires, catastrophic flooding, epic snow falls and heat waves that bring cities and economies to a grinding halt,...

Net Zero Homes - Canada's first certified Net Zero House in BC
Green building certifications

The first Net Zero-labelled homes in Canada zero homes in Canada. The Program provides the industry and consumers with a clearly defined and rigorous two-tiered technical requirement that recognizes Net Zero and Net Zero Ready homes, and identifies the builders and renovators who can provide them. The Net Zero and Net Zero Ready certification provides home...