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Natural swimming pool design (NSP) for eco homes
Natural swimming pools and ponds

Natural ponds and natural swimming pools

...natural swimming pools Natural pools were inspired by the beauty and joy of swimming in mountain lakes , a team of Austrian researchers are credited with launching a movement back in the 1980's that saw chlorinated swimming pools being replaced by natural swimming pools and swimming ponds. The idea of swimming in a...

Carbon Offset Schemes - Whale Poop leads Nature's Own Way
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Save the Whale's (Poop) - Save the Planet !! (And $2m per Whale)

...and more nutrients mean more phytoplankton, which in turn absorb more carbon dioxide. Just like human and animal poop of all varieties making great organic fertilizer on-land - whale poop fertilizes the oceans - and the more phytoplankton, the more food for whales and fish, which can only be good news for us humans and...

Saving Energy in Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs - Our Top Tips to Save Money
Natural swimming pools and ponds

Top tips for energy efficient swimming pools - reduce pool cleaning & running costs

...natural swimming pools (NSPs) , constructed using materials like gravel and clay, have increased in popularity around the globe. These pools use plants—installed near the swimming area—as a natural filtration system. This makes the water safe for swimming without consuming energy or using chemicals. And the swimming ...

Swimming Pool Heating - Save energy & money & be Eco-friendly as possible Tips
Natural swimming pools and ponds

Heating a Swimming Pool - Top 10 Cost-Efficient & Eco-friendly ways to heat a pool

...and even if some will save more than others, each tip on their own will save on energy use to some percent – And as they say, there’s no such thing as a small economy! We found a large choice of money saving solar pool heaters online here and we have a guide on saving energy for swimming pools and hot tub operation h...