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How to Find Qualified Green Building Professionals

Hiring professionals or doing it yourself

...mortgages. In this way, a Prefab home can save you some money, simply by not carrying two properties for the year or so during a building project. 4. Building a house yourself: Don’t choose this option because you think you will save a ton of money, for many reasons that isn’t necessarily the case. Depending on you...

The Hemloft, Joel Allen's secret treehouse near Whistler, BC
Tiny house

This Cool treehouse near Whistler, BC became a global sensation because it used recycled materials off Craigslist!

...mortgages and property rights, there was a time when you could simply wander into the unknown, choose a nice spot and park yourself there. Divvying up land to the quarter inch is a product of the modern age and an exploding global population, and arguably necessary in many cases. But it's still hard not to long for a...

Real estate

Downsizing your home: buying tips for seniors

Buying a house in retirement Are you planning to downsize, move closer to family, or relocate to your dream retirement destination? While changing homes is typically associated with younger adults, many seniors are making the decision to buy a home in retirement. However, buying at 65 isn’t quite the same as buying ...