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Energy modeling simulation of heat loss through thermal bridging
Efficient home design

What is a thermal bridge and why is it so important to break it?

...and durability implications by causing cold spots that will increase the risk of condensation. So beyond heat loss and comfort, air quality and structural integrity can be a factor as well in terms of mold, mildew and rot. Insulating exterior wall stud bays is not something we should stop doing, but we should not ign...

How to Choose between an HRV and ERV system

Choosing between an HRV and an ERV

...and Air-Conditioning Engineers ) is the most respected and authoritative source for interior air quality standards. ASHRAE 62.1 and 2 are the recognized standards for ventilation and indoor air quality (IAQ) . According to the current version of the ASHRAE standard (2013), the calculation for individual homes is as f...

Eco-friendly & Healthy Flooring is best for Green Homes
Flooring and stairs

Eco-Friendly Flooring material options for Green-Homes

...ander, bacteria, mold and mildew. It might get vacuumed regularly but the fibres will absorb and hold any airborne contaminants and chemicals used around the home, including actual carpet cleaners. A handmade natural wool area rug is a nice compliment to a wood floor. It’s non-toxic and can be brought outside to clea...

Which wood is best for framing timber frame construction in homes?
Wall assemblies - new construction

Lumber choices for wood frame construction - choosing timber for framing & building homes

...and finally finished with rounded edges to create accurate and precise tolerances. This type of wood is known to provide aesthetically pleasing finishes and facilitate easier and comfortable application of paint, stains, and preservatives & in recent years CLS timber has become popular in the United Kingdom and Europe ...

Poly vapour barriers in air conditioned houses can cause mold and rot
Healthy indoor air quality

Why you should Never Install Air-Con in a Home with a Vapor Barrier

...mold. With recent 'improvements' to construction in North America, we now use standard code compliant paper-faced drywall which can start to develop mold at about 80% RH. As we insulate and make homes airtight, they don't dry as easily, and common building practices trap moisture inside wall assemblies. Be careful no...