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Why Radon maps by state or province shouldn't replace testing

Radon Levels by State & Province - Why a Radon Test is Essential

...mitigation, which is half of the the 200 Bq/m3 Health Canada currently considers the level when mitigation measures should be taken. So, we know at least some mitigation experts are extremely confident in their work. Finding local radon mitigation services that guarantee low levels would be a great resource to offer re...

Radon Mitigation - Installing a radon evacuation stack in a slab floor
Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Mitigating radon gas in homes

...mitigation in basements & crawlspaces: Removing radon from basements & crawlspaces is easier if prevented rather than cured, and existing homes that are found to have high levels of Radon should look at mitigation asap. Depending on the state of your basement and or crawlspace, there will be varying degrees of diffic...

Crawlspace radon barrier installation for radon mitigation
Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Removing radon gas from basements and crawlspaces

...mitigation system in place. Below we outline radon mitigation solutions on a case-by-case basis, with different options available for different foundation and basement situations. If you just found out you have high radon levels in your home, or you've looked at a radon map that shows your state or region as being at r...

Preventing radon gas in homes starts with testing for radon - the only sure way
Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Radon Gas Awareness - Up to 10% of North American homes tested have unsafe radon levels

...mitigation expert and have them conduct a test for you. New house or old house, regardless of what radon mitigation standards were installed when it was built (or not) - regardless of which area your home is in, the ONLY certain method of making sure you and your family aren't exposed to dangerous levels of this invisi...

The importance of Cleaning HRV intakes

How to keep your HRV clean and operating efficiently

...mitigation systems in the past, and recounted a story to me of getting a call back from an angry client from several years before. The system they installed had at first done its job and lowered radon levels, but a recent radon test showed levels to be several times higher than the original readings before mitigation. ...

Basement wall insulation
Insulation and soundproofing

Properly insulating basements and concrete slab floors

...mitigation . Technical edit and thermal images by Denis Boyer

Which Houseplants are Best to Clean Air & Remove Toxins?
Healthy indoor air quality

Which houseplants are best for purifying air? Ecohome investigates

...mitigation measures and install a SMART radon tester and alarm for complete peace of mind. Choose the right air filter for your home with the appropriate MERV rating. Home air quality is a growing issue as homes become more energy efficient and airtight . Ventilation systems are now standard requirements in most na...

Step by step guide for slab-on-grade home construction
Slab on Grade

Slab-on-grade construction: the ecoHOME A to Z Slab building guide

...Mitigation in homes, see here . INSTALLATION OF MECHANICAL RADON MITIGATION SYSTEMS: Inside the perimeter of the slab, dig small trenches in the crushed gravel. Install all mechanical equipment (plumbing, electricity, ventilation) and seal all above-ground extremities before pouring the cement. For a video on...

Off-grid LEED Gold house in Low, Quebec
LEED Homes

Canada Ranks as the top country for LEED green building for second year in a row

...mitigation in the lead up to the United Nation's COP21 climate negotiations this December. "We are extremely proud to be named as the top country for LEED projects internationally again this year," said Thomas Mueller, President and CEO of the CaGBC. "By leading the global adoption of LEED, Canada's building industry...

Basement Design for walls prevents mold & midlew when renovating & finishing
Healthy indoor air quality

Basement renovations: How to prevent mold when finishing basements

...Mitigation , this will also act as a radon gas barrier to protect indoor air quality, and it will satisfy building inspectors who are not accustomed to seeing a wall without a vapour barrier and may not allow you to continue. Radon gas prevention and remedial insulation in basements © Ecohome Note: the above di...

Slab on grade or a foundation and basement?
Foundation choices

Slab-on-grade vs foundation and crawlspace or basement

...Mitigation if called for - because it's better to be safe than sorry Build using the best practices for mold free basements as oulined here Ventilate using a HRV or ERV , because let's face it - fresh air improves any Man Cave! How to choose between an ERV & HRV system for basement ventilation & Mold prevention -...