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FSC certified wood carries the FSC certification labels
Wood and organic materials

All about FSC certified lumber & wood products - Why FSC certification is important

...managed forest. When buying lumber or wood products, like eco-friendly hardwood flooring , pay attention and look for the FSC certification. Wood with a FSC logo ensures it should come from sustainably managed forests Wood and paper producers are subject to mandatory verification and must continually seek recer...

Bathroom with refinished claw foot tub and barn board trim in a home c
Materials and resources

Finding environmentally friendly materials

...managed and harvested sustainably? Lifespan: How long before this product will need to be replaced? Impact on human health: Homes can be a toxic stew of glues, VOC’s, formaldehyde and other contaminants that aggravate and cause serious respiratory illnesses and other health effects. Many toxins can easily b...

Concrete, wood and steel structures compared - Timber Frame wins!
Materials and resources

How wood structures compare to steel and concrete for Carbon Footprint

...managed sources, and most wood product suppliers now offer a wide range of FSC-certified products. Wood stands out as an environmentally responsible product, even more so if it comes from well-managed and local forests. But doesn't wood need to be treated? If you were to compare a borate-impregnated wood structure ...

Stairs made from reclaimed barn beams
Wood and organic materials

All about wood

...managed forest , so FSC labelled wood is always preferred. Where to buy wood: Wherever you live in Canada, there is without a doubt wood being harvested not too far away. If you want to ensure your wood qualifies in some sense as 'local', you can start first of all by species selection - choose woods that are grown...

Passive House on a Budget - The Damn Near Passive house
Passive House

The Un-certified but 'Damn Near' Passive House.

...managed a rating of 100 kWh per square meter. To read more about Passive House Certification & Design in North America see here , or for specifics about the differences between PHIUS & PHI certification for Passive House see here , from the EcoHome Green Building Guides - North America's favorite Sustainable & Green ...

Building science for LEED v4 wall design made easy
Concept and design

Building science for LEED v4 wall design made easy - video

...managed forests and offers additional LEED points. Delta Vent SA exterior air barrier © Ecohome 2. Sheathing was installed leaving a 1/8th inch gap at the seams to provide additional drying capability of the walls along with providing room for sheathing to expand without buckling. This protects our exterior air...

Correctly installed Triple pane south facing windows on Ecohome's Demo House
Windows and doors

Installing doors & windows for the best performance in high efficiency homes, LEED & Passive House

Why Installing Windows & Doors Correctly is so Important Window & Door openings are breaches in a building envelope that need to be carefully managed in order to prevent moisture damage and air leakage in homes as well as to save energy. Water leaks from around windows and doors are the visible result of a poor fitt...

Siding Choices - Board and batten siding
Exterior cladding

Choosing the right exterior siding for fitting, cost comparisons & appearance

...managed properly. Cons of Wood Siding: It is not the most durable choice to protect your home from weather, and clearly wood siding isn't the best for fire resistance. Wood can be susceptible to damage from insects and rodents, as well as mold and rot from moisture & humidity. Cost of wood siding: $8 to $20 per squ...

Hawaii Preparatory Academy Energy Laboratory
Living Building Challenge

What is the Living Building Challenge?

...managed onsite to feed the project’s internal water demands or released onto adjacent sites for management through acceptable natural time-scale surface flow, groundwater recharge, agricultural use or adjacent property needs. Energy - 1 Imperative 7) Net zero energy: One hundred percent of the project’s energy ne...

Moving to the Countryside - How to make it Work
Lifestyle, location and commuting

Moving to the countryside? Here's how that can work...

...managed forests and protecting the lungs of the planet, our forests. Energy efficient prefab modular kit houses. Yes, this probably comes as a surprise to many as you ask yourself, are kit houses considered a green home? That depends on how well they are made and the materials used. You can build junk houses in a m...

Choosing the right firewood
Wood stove and biomass heat

Burning the right firewood for maximum heat output and minimum environmental impact

...managed forests that replant regularly, preferably with a diversified mix of local species of tree (because these by nature are going to be the ones that grow best and support indigenous plant cover and wildlife.) It stands to reason that we shouldn't be cutting more than we are growing, and with the best hardwoods the...