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Climate change impact of diet
Lifestyle and environment

how your diet affects climate change

...lower or safflower oil Cooking oils are tricky since the majority have some sort of ecological or social drawback. For example, the lifecycle of olive oil production includes a lot of water; canola and soybean crops are mainly GMO, and coconut trees become less productive as they age. But palm oil is generally cons...

R values and insulation performance
Efficient home design

Understanding thermal performance

...lower and higher temperatures the performance decreases dramatically. Importantly, it is at these more extreme temperatures [i.e. farther away from interior temperatures] where the performance of the insulation is most needed, and yet it is at these temperatures where it performs worst. Notably, the R-value of the po...

Comparing ground source and air source heat pumps
Heating and cooling

Heat Pumps: Ground source geothermal GSHP or air source ASHP, which one is best for heating a home?

...lowers) actually exceeded manufacturer and EnerGuide ratings, with Coefficients of Performance (COPs) above 5 in the cooling season and above 3 in the heating season. Disregarding installation costs for the moment, here is what that would mean on a monthly utility bill - conventional electric resistance heat (baseboa...

Why Radon maps by state or province shouldn't replace testing

Radon Levels by State & Province - Why a Radon Test is Essential

...lower the radon concentration in a home, the lower the risk of lung cancer, as there is no known threshold below which radon exposure carries no risk ." They go on to state " The risk of lung cancer increases by 16% per 100 Bq/m3 increase in long time average radon concentration . The dose-response relation is linear –...

Zero Carbon Building
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

CaGBC's Zero Carbon Buildings Initiative explained

...lower-carbon commercial, institutional and high-rise residential buildings in support of Canada’s efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change. CaGBC believes that a zero carbon approach to new construction can play an important role in meeting Canada’s GHG reduction target of 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030...

Hemp fibreboard and Hemp insulation - the Green Building choice
Wood and organic materials

Hemp building supplies

...lower weight. The hemp boards currently being manufactured by Sunstrand are not structural, though the potential is there for the future. At present, boards can be used for a wide variety of applications including molding, cabinetry, shelving, furniture, and when properly sealed can be used as tables and counter tops...

The importance of Cleaning HRV intakes

How to keep your HRV clean and operating efficiently

...lower than Health Canada’s current radon guideline of 200 Bq /m3. With the help of Radon Environmental , Air Solutions and SAF Combustion , we have been monitoring the levels (which are now about 80% lower) and will continue to adjust the flow-rates as well as intake and exhaust locations for optimum radon removal. W...

How to choose Triple pane, high performance windows
Windows and doors

Our top tips for buying high-performance windows

...lower energy bills. 1. Choosing an Entry-level window; e.g. aluminum frame w/o thermal break. High SHGC. 2. Choice of a High quality double pane or mid-level triple pane glazing. SHGC > 0,6. 3. The Difference choosing a Very high quality triple pane glazing and frame, entry-level Passivhaus certif...

custom kitchen renovation by River Woodworks

Formaldehyde-Free Green Kitchen cabinetry for a Non-toxic Home - Price Comparisons

...lower end units with 30’ angled side panels (one opening) 1 lower microwave unit with 2 drawers 1 blind corner sink unit 1 five-drawer unit (two top drawers side by side, three below) 1 three-drawer unit 1 single-door unit with two sliding shelves inside 1 @ 8” deep pantry with two doors (depth of which the...

Why you should Never put Coffee Grounds In the Garden
Exteriors - Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Why to NEVER put coffee grounds on plants or the garden...

...lowers. Also worth a mention, spent coffee grounds are full of caffeine. And in fact, they can actually be richer than coffee itself, depending on your brewing technique! And here's an interesting fact - lighter roasted coffee is also higher in caffeine than flavorsome dark roast - not that we're going to give up our...

Ice dams on roofs & how to fix them
Roof assemblies - renovation

What causes ice dams and how to fix them

...lower-R value per inch with a higher-value insulation like spray foam can make the difference. You'd only need to do a strip of maybe a foot or two along the perimeter. 2019 update: New blowing agents for foam insulation don't cause climate change read more here. How to eliminating air leakage and heat loss: Fo...