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Passive Solar Index Home - super high efficiency
Passive solar home design

Passive Solar Index Home Case Study

...ention Fenplast, IsoPlus casement windows VanEE, VRC Silver Series - 90H-V ECM HRV Maibec, EM + Exterior Cladding Description of the envelope - Insu...

heat pumps in tandem with heat pump hot water tanks
Hot water

Increased efficiency with heat pumps working in tandem

...envelope we've been able to reduce that to about 10 percent of what most new homes require. Beyond that, the next big leap in efficiency comes from reducing int...

Wood frame Triple-glazed, argon-filled windows in the Ecohome Demo House
Windows and doors

Choosing windows - which window frame? wood v aluminum v vinyl

...e of decades . Frames are better insulated and more durable now, air seals are better, and gas-filled cavities between double and even triple panes are the norm...

Passive solar house design
Passive solar home design

Passive solar home design

...erations. To see more about Passive Solar heated homes see here , to discover about Passive House Certification and Design see here , both from EcoHome's Gree...

How to choose Triple pane, high performance windows
Windows and doors

The best tips for buying windows

...entilate the home without depending on mechanical systems, a means of emergency exit, and they offer an alternative way to heat our house free of charge through...

When should you replace windows
Windows and doors

When should you replace old windows?

...etween the panes. There are companies that offer a service of defogging windows, often for about half the price of replacement. This is a solution where we are ...

Le Refuge - An Architect-Designed Modern Green prefab tiny house kit home
Tiny house

Le Refuge - An Architect-Designed modern Green prefab tiny house kit home

...e kit houses we feature are Passive House ready , and some like Le Refuge, are built ready to meet the LEED for Homes rating system requirements in terms of ene...