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Suspended-film insulating glass windows are high-performance windows
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Suspended-film insulating glass windows - A definitive guide for these high-performance windows

...LiteZone Glass Inc won "Product of the Year" from the CaGBC for their LiteZone® suspended-film insulating-glass glazing units . The added films make suspended-film windows among the best-performing windows available on the market, at least in terms of insulation value. So if the goal is to build a Passive House or Ze...

Passive solar house design
Passive solar home design

Passive solar home design

...LiteZone . It's important to keep in mind that passive solar heating is not something that should intimidate you in the design phase, and it isn't an 'all or nothing' concept. It is an ancient and relatively easy concept that has been overlooked in home construction for generations. To see more about Passive Solar ...