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Dog strangling vine invasive species
Landscaping and food production

Avoiding invasive species when landscaping

...landscaping with native species: • Having adapted to their environment (soil, climate, etc.), they do not require irrigation, chemical fertilizers or pesti...

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Urban farming
Landscaping and food production

Landscaping, outdooring & urban farming

...landscaping. Water is a quickly dwindling resource and Canadians are the highest per capita consumers of water in the world. So anything we can do to reduc...

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Permeable interlock paver stones
Permeable laneways and patios

Water-permeable landscaping surfaces

...Landscaping stones with grass © Windsor Companies Hydr’eau Pave permeable landscaping pavers © Oak...

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Edible Perennials
Landscaping and food production

A guide to growing edible perennials.

When beginning to think about permanent edible landscape design and forest gardening, taking in the general concepts of Permaculture can help tremendously. The...

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Flow Frames: A father and son revolutionize beekeeping and put honey o
Landscaping and food production

Flow Frames: Revolutionary beekeeping puts honey on tap.

Can you imagine having honey on tap straight from your beehive? That is exactly what father and son team Stuart and Cedar Anderson aim to bring to market with ...

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Suburb of Toronto
Choosing where to live

Living a greener lifestyle in the suburbs

...Landscaping and urban farming. At whatever level you think you can handle, try urban farming . Grow yourself something to eat in whatever space you have av...

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Urban Farm Unit
Landscaping and food production

Growing food in urban cores with the Urban Farm Unit:

So, urban agriculture. It's important, right? That’s certainly the conclusion I've come to when pondering the future of food production, our future on this pla...

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Ontario’s first LEED certified hospital
LEED Homes

Ontario’s First LEED Certified Hospital

...landscaping Reducing water use by over 30%, Maintaining good indoor air quality during construction. Diverting 96% of construction waste from landfill. Using fl...

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Indoor hydroponic vegetable garden
Landscaping and food production

Growing food indoors

Introducing BioCity's indoor vertical veggie garden. This beautiful installation made with reclaimed wine bottles allows you to grow arugula, chard, strawberri...

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Choosing a building lot

What to look for when buying a building lot

...landscaping and excavation work. If there is any standing or moving water on a site it would be wise to employ a geotechnical engineer to ensure a building woul...

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Patio stones with very low greenhouse gas emissions
Concrete and masonry

Reducing emissions with CO² cured-concrete

A new cement block manufacturing process developed by an American company named Solidia Technologies® produces 40% fewer emissions during manufacturing than co...

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