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Smart Door Lock Buying Guide - Easy DIY Project
Mechanical systems

Smart door lock buying guide

...LED lights on passcode keypads, wireless chips, and of course the motor that engages and disengages the deadbolt lock. Bluetooth smart door locks Bluetooth enabled smart door locks are the most common smart locks on the market because they are fairly cheap, easy to install , and after downloading an app onto your p...

Why Electric Heating Systems are Best for Sustainable Homes
Heating with electricity

Heating with Electricity - The Best Choice for High Efficiency & Zero Energy Homes?

...lights and appliances all in one. If you can't currently afford the upfront cost of a green and electrically-powered home, there is always the option of a Zero Energy Ready home that has the infrastructure installed already. That is an affordable way to prepare now for a cheaper and easier transition in the future wher...

Off-grid leed home
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Off-grid living blog post 5: appliances, mechanical and other systems

...LED technologies have become cost-competitive with the compact fluorescents and incandescents that came before. While still somewhat more expensive than these other choices, LEDs last much longer (often estimated around 20 years), and consume only a fraction of the energy. We put in all LED lighting to minimize electri...