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Correct window installation details
Windows and doors

How to install windows

...insulation, and differ from windows on the south which have been selected for maximum heat gain. see here to know which type of window frame to choose between wood, aluminum or PVC / Vinyl For a full rundown on How to Install windows & doors Correctly in LEED & Passive House, see here from the EcoHome Green Building ...

Comparing ground source and air source heat pumps
Heating and cooling

Heat Pumps: Ground source geothermal GSHP or air source ASHP, which one is best for heating a home?

...insulation can result in needing to spend less on heating infrastructure (not to mention significant operational savings as well). Extra insulation is always the route we would suggest first, and which types of insulation, how much, and where to use it is covered here . Losing less heat means you need to add less hea...

Resilient Homes, why they're important in dealing with Climate Change
Lifestyle and environment

Resilient Homes; Why we need to build to withstand climate change events

...insulation out of the attic to change it or to stuff more in. The structure, everything you can't see behind the paint and finish, is the most important part of building a home. Get the building envelope right first, then get the aesthetics and the useability right, and you'll be living in a great home now, and in the ...

Earthship in Taos, New Mexico, shame they don't work in cold climates
Concept and design

Do Earthships work in cold climates?

...insulation, but it's no more a 'natural phenomenon' or 'living breathing organism' than a normal basement with exterior foam insulation . Unfortunately for many Earthship owners around the world, including insulation in the design was a revelation that only occurred to Reynolds after 30 years of telling people they d...

Off-grid home with solar PV & Battery backup
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Thinking about renewable home energy and a battery backup?

...insulation is cheaper than solar panels, so that should be your starting place. If you reduce the heat loss of a home by 70-80% (which is not that hard to do with a new building), you reduce the amount of panels required for heating by that same amount and suddenly heating a house with an active solar panel system beco...

Condensation on windows leads to mold & mildew in homes, ERV & HRV systems help

Ventilation & air exchangers

...insulation, but not necessarily sealing our walls. The folly of this was quickly realized, and vapour barriers became a part of the building envelope shortly thereafter. Vapour barriers stopped the flow of moist air through walls, this of course led to a buildup of moisture in homes, and condensation on windows was c...

Top Tips for Getting a House Ready for Winter
Wall assemblies - renovation

Winter preparation for your home - are you ready for the cold?

...insulation, or even the complete absence of insulation in some spots. Some insulation materials can settle; other times builders take short cuts and future homeowners pay the price. Depending on the severity of the problem you may want to re-insulate one way or another. It’s best to speak to a professional about this...

Cedar deck and stairs under construction cedar naturally the most durable wood
Decks, porches and gazebos

Tips for building a deck - 10 Tips to make your deck last longer

...insulation against frost heave. 'Insulation' does this as well, so laying a rigid foam insulation board down (foam or stone wool) below and around the deck block may reduce the chances of movement from frost heave. Laying down a bed of 3/4" clean crushed stone will also act to prevent frost heave, it just can't have an...

Passive House certification - PHI or PHIUS? The Spring House Passive House
Passive House

Everything you need to know about Passive House certification

...insulation for homes and a heat recovery ventilation system in an attempt to produce Zero Energy homes by design. Harold Orr has won many awards for his work, but he said he wasn't expecting the Order of Canada; " It almost floored me, I wasn't expecting this at all. " We love that Orr said he was inspired to do hi...

Installing Siding Correctly
Exterior cladding

How to install siding

...insulation and/or air conditioning. In winter it is cold and dry outside, in summer it is hot and humid outside, hence the need to dry in both directions. In order for something to dry, an exchange of energy needs to take place. When we heat a house, it dries outwards , when we cool a house, it dries inwards ( or at ...

Living green roof installation on the Edelwiess house
Roof coverings

DIY green roof installation video

...insulation with mineral wool here