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Comparing ground source and air source heat pumps
Heating and cooling

Heat Pumps: Ground source geothermal GSHP or air source ASHP, which one is best for heating a home?

...insulation can result in needing to spend less on heating infrastructure (not to mention significant operational savings as well). Extra insulation is always the route we would suggest first, and which types of insulation, how much, and where to use it is covered here . Losing less heat means you need to add less hea...

Geothermal Heating Systems
Heat pumps, geothermal and AC

Geothermal heating for Homes in North America - Does it work & will it save money?

...insulation, better tapes and membranes for air sealing , etc. Ball park pricing: A geothermal system for an averaged size home (2000 sq. ft.) would easily cost you $30,000 to have installed, and that is in exchange for a monthly saving of about 50% on your heating bill. So payback for the average single family home i...

Habitat workers raise a wall at the the Red River Ex June 2011
LEED Homes

The Canada Green Building Council announces affordable green housing program

...insulation and air tightness, drain water heat recovery, and high performance heating and ventilation systems – saving up to 30 per cent a year in energy and water costs. The homes were completed in three phases over three years, and have now been awarded LEED Gold Certification from the CaGBC. They are now all occupie...

Cedar deck and stairs under construction cedar naturally the most durable wood
Decks, porches and gazebos

Tips for building a deck - 10 Tips to make your deck last longer

...insulation against frost heave. 'Insulation' does this as well, so laying a rigid foam insulation board down (foam or stone wool) below and around the deck block may reduce the chances of movement from frost heave. Laying down a bed of 3/4" clean crushed stone will also act to prevent frost heave, it just can't have an...

Passive House certification - PHI or PHIUS? The Spring House Passive House
Passive House

Everything you need to know about Passive House certification

...insulation for homes and a heat recovery ventilation system in an attempt to produce Zero Energy homes by design. Harold Orr has won many awards for his work, but he said he wasn't expecting the Order of Canada; " It almost floored me, I wasn't expecting this at all. " We love that Orr said he was inspired to do hi...

The passive solar home in Lac Kenogami, Quebec
Passive solar home design

Ecohome design wins House of the Year Award from Green Builder® Magazine

...insulation, but most had a basement full of coal at the ready to keep them warm. The Kenogami house was designed to sit on a fully insulated slab on grade which adds thermal mass to the equation. Insulation soon found its way into walls and ceilings, and over the ensuing decades we saw improvements in heat distributi...

Installing Siding Correctly
Exterior cladding

How to install siding

...insulation and/or air conditioning. In winter it is cold and dry outside, in summer it is hot and humid outside, hence the need to dry in both directions. In order for something to dry, an exchange of energy needs to take place. When we heat a house, it dries outwards , when we cool a house, it dries inwards ( or at ...

Tips for finding a reliable green home builder
How to Find Qualified Green Building Professionals

How to choose a home-building contractor

...insulation? Which type of wall assembly do you recommend? What is the most important feature in a home that affects energy efficiency? Why do many basements smell mouldy? The answers you receive will quickly indicate the type of builder you are speaking with; either they will redirect, dismiss or dodge the qu...

Vapor retarder latex primer instead of polyethylene sheet
Air and vapour barriers

Replacing polyethylene vapour barriers with latex paint vapor control

...insulation to stop warm, moist air from condensing on a cold surface inside your wall. In cold climates like Canada, for most of the year the vapour barrier should be on the inside of the insulation. In hot climates like the southern U.S. for example, it should be installed on the outside of the insulation. In both...

Interior sheathing as air & vapor barriers in wood frame construction
Air and vapour barriers

Interior sheathing as an air and vapour or vapor barrier

...insulation is essential for preventing moisture movement through walls in winter, and the ensuing damage that comes with it. In summer however, with the combination of hot, humid days and air-conditioned, dry interiors, the vapour drive reverses and can force moist air inwards through your insulation where it can conde...

Shipping container homes, Good or Bad?
Architecture and plan design

Are shipping container houses environmentally friendly & good or bad to live in?

...insulation, as well as install exterior cladding . So gone is that nice modern metallic look you were after as well as the very reason for doing this, having the metal container act as the main structural wall. Optionally you could put all your insulation on the interior, but to have a sufficient amount of it you wou...