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Indoor hydroponic vegetable garden
Food production

Growing food indoors

...vertical garden using blue bottles (as they are harder to find used) may also be on the horizon. Wine lovers may also choose to have their system customized with the empty bottles from their most memorable tastings. BioCity Vertical window garden © biocity

Living green wall
Healthy indoor air quality

Living walls: what they do and don't do

...indoor relative humidity. If it's too high add a dehumidifier into the mix and the problem’s solved. 3-story vertical garden plant wall Now that you understand what Living Green Walls do and don't do, find more about protecting indoor air quality by Choosing non-toxic paint , Choosing non-to...

Built to ENDURE: the Net Zero Heat Kenogami House
Efficient home design

The Kenogami House: designed to ENDURE

...indoors, so it only makes sense that we work to ensure healthy indoor air quality. Many building materials contain chemicals that are extremely harmful when inhaled and can lead to severe respiratory illnesses. Along with the health impacts for home occupants, chemical manufacturing can put production workers at risk...

The Elegant Farm hydroponic bottle garden

Hydroponic bottle gardener launches kickstarter campaign

...indoors in his Montreal home, Jesse Herbert of Oopsmark developed the Elegant Farm vertical hydroponic system. It's easy to operate, takes up less than 1 square foot of space, costs 3¢ a week in electricity and grows greens, herbs and vegetables indoors year-round. Furthermore, it's handmade in Canada using natural, bi...

Solariums in cold climates won't heat homes unless carefully designed and built
Greenhouses and Sunrooms / Solariums

Solariums in cold climates won't heat your home

...indoor living space, they allow you to feel like you are connected with nature no matter the season. But when you look past the initial attraction and instead evaluate them based on their energy footprint, durability and comfort, they are unfortunately not well-suited to cold climates such as we have across most of C...