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LED filament bulbs

LED filament bulbs

...incandescent filaments painstakingly being placed in tiny glass globes. Manufacturing is a little more automated now, but the performance of incandescent bulbs ...

Mixed interior room lighting

Home lighting design

...Incandescent These are the old bulbs you probably grew up with that throw a nice warm light, and warm you up as well. Incandescent bulbs produce light by he...

Warm light and dimmable LED bulbs

All about LED bulbs - video

...Incandescent bulbs give off lots of unwanted heat, which in summer months makes your air conditioning system work harder. Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) were ...

Reducing the need for air conditioning
Heating and cooling

How to keep homes cool without air conditioning

...Incandescent and halogen bulbs produce far more heat than compact fluorescent or LED lamps . LED are more expensive, but the price is dropping quickly; they las...

Frost in Attics: What causes Attic Ice? How to Fix it?
Roof assemblies - renovation

Why is there frost in my attic? Is ice in roofs a problem & How do I stop it?

...incandescent bulbs. The best solution all around is to replace old, leaky and incandescent light fittings with modern slimline LED fittings - carefully sealed a...

Ice dams on roofs & how to fix them
Roof assemblies - renovation

What causes ice dams and how to fix them

...incandescent and halogen bulbs for LED bulbs so less heat will be generated. Sun melt is unavoidable - including a water-impermeable membrane under the shingl...

Efficient green home design choices
Concept and design

Efficient home design, or how to design a home to use less energy

...Incandescent bulbs convert 80% of their energy to heat, so turning on ten 100 watt bulbs is like turning on an 800 watt heater. Having house plans drawn: Wo...

Solar panel installation
Solar photovoltaic

Ten questions to ask a solar panel contractor

...incandescent and halogen bulbs with LED bulbs ; replace any old and inefficient appliances with ENERGY STAR certified appliances ; install low-flow shower h...

Dual axis solar tracker
Solar photovoltaic

Choosing between solar trackers and fixed solar panels mounts

...incandescent bulbs with LEDs. Now you are ready to size a system that will meet your demand at the most affordable price. To be factored when determining ...