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Frost in Attics: What causes Attic Ice? How to Fix it?
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Why is there frost in my attic? Is ice in roofs a problem & How do I stop it?

...on how to fix it and if condensation on the windows is a problem and needs fixing, here's the guide for that . 2. Attic ventilation: Attic ventilation is essential to prevent ice in roofs, be certain that your roof ventilation is able to do its job. Next, roof ventilation - make sure your attic is properly ...

Top Tips for Getting a House Ready for Winter
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Winter preparation for your home - are you ready for the cold?

...ondensation which can be hard to stop , and in some cases it will turn to ice. This is particularly noticeable during periods of extreme cold, made worse by high indoor humidity and lower-quality windows. Winterizing your home: Condensation and ice on windows is a sure sign that your home needs checking over So...

Efficient home design

Phase change building materials - natural heat storage in buildings, but oscillating in a fixed position. Left in a warm environment, those molecules will absorb energy from the air, reducing the velocity of air molecules (i.e. cooling the air). As the molecular vibrations of the ice increases, it breaks the bonds in the lattice, causing the ice to melt. Only when the ice has com...

Skylights can be problematic in a high performance home
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Are skylights an asset or a liability? to jump on the roof and start solving problems that may not exist, put on your lab coat and try some interior forensics first. Is there a lot of condensation on it? Does it only seem to 'leak' in cold months even when there is no snow? Those are indications that the solution may be found on the interior, no...

Canada Greener Homes Grant 2021 - How to apply fiberglass attic insulation
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Canada Greener Homes Grant 2021 - the "how to apply" guide - step by step

...on, more efficient heating, better windows, solar panels etc EnerGuide evaluations (worth up to $600) and expert advice to homeowners so they can begin to plan their retrofits based on priorities (because while shiny new windows look nice, insulation is the gift that keeps on giving.) Recruitment and training of En...

Renovate, Remodel or Rebuild? How to choose which is Best for Homes
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Should I be renovating my home or tearing it down & rebuilding?

...ones. There are often many uses for older windows; they can be salvaged and given a second life with an unheated outbuilding. If you don’t see a use for them yourself, pop a ‘free windows’ notice on an online classified listing site and someone may come get them. See our pages on choosing windows to help with selection...

What is Interstitial Condensation? (And how to stop it!)
Walls and Roofs

What is Interstitial Condensation in Walls or Roofs? (And how to stop it!)

...ons for interstitial condensation in walls and roofs. We’ve all heard of condensation, but has anyone ever heard of interstitial condensation? If you haven’t (or even if you have) have a read of the below. What is interstitial condensation? Interstitial condensation is a form of damp that occurs most often in winte...

Free Energy Audits, Net Zero Home Grants & Interest Free Home Renovation Loans
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0% loans & Grants for Green Home Renovations & Construction - A Boost for Canadians in 2020

...on that front, considering how much politicians just LOVE expressions like “putting money back in the pockets of hard working taxpayers”. Rather than spending your money on gas, oil or electricity to heat your home, your money will create jobs in the local construction industry, through material manufacturing and job...

Condensation on windows in our homes - why is it there? - how to stop it?
Walls and Roofs

Condensation on windows is a pain but is it a problem & how to stop it? it most in our homes is on windows, or on the sides of a nice chilled glass of chardonnay or a cold beer – with the exception that one denotes a pain in the butt, the other pleasure! Condensation on glass - no cause for celebration! The reason we notice condensation most on glass is that it’s an imperviou...

Built to ENDURE: the Net Zero Heat Kenogami House
Efficient home design

The Kenogami House: designed to ENDURE

...on and a longer lifespan outweigh the additional embodied energy consumed through materials and construction. Features: Galvanized steel roofing Stone cladding at the base of exterior walls to prevent moisture damage Envelope design eliminating interstitial condensation Polished concrete floors, stairs, win...

Passively-heated off-grid LEED house in Low, Quebec
Off-grid and Net-Zero Housing

Off-grid living blog: a firsthand account of building and living in a remote area

...on, a mineral wool product . Mineral wool is a quite well-regarded insulation for its resistance to pests, water and fire. It is easy to cut and install and it holds its shape well, all leading to good long service. Off Grid passive solar home Double wall construction © Bala Structures On the inside of this 2x8...