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Passive House

The Un-certified but 'Damn Near' Passive House. be) who, in an attempt to build and certify to Passive House standards, has found the additional cost needed to squeeze the last bit of energy from the total...

High efficiency appliances

Efficient appliances and electronics

...your home, keeping them on power bars can make for an easy shut down when not in use. For new house starts, you can even incorporate 'kill switches' into your p...

60 Minutes On This Bicycle Can Power Your Home For 24 Hours (In Theory Anyhow)
Renewable energy

Can you really power your home with a bicycle generator?

...your device required pedalling to operate? Just sayin'... The truth on how to use less energy? Build more efficient homes For more info on how to buil...

Icicles are an indication of heat loss, which can cause damage to insu
Wall assemblies - renovation

Winter troubleshooting - are you ready for the cold? block your venting. Below are a few more pages about things to look for as winter sets in and how to make the necessary repairs.

Smart homes: Remotely control and monitor your energy consumption
Efficient home design

Smart homes: efficiency, comfort and convenience Wi-Fi, so you can track your consumption in real time and recognize your habits. You will begin to see when you use the most energy, and how to cut back your...

Concept, design and architecture

Efficient home design is a more efficient house. A smaller house means less land to excavate, less materials to manufacture and ship, less space to heat, less space to cool, le...

Concept, design and architecture

How to stay on budget when building a home

...more from Patrick about how to calculate a realistic building budget, and more importantly, how to build within it.

Tips for finding a reliable green home builder
How to Find Qualified Green Building Professionals

How to choose a home-building contractor

...told any of the following – ‘you want your walls to breath’ , ‘you don’t want a house to be too airtight’ or ‘building code is all you need‘, then you will know...

Balanced insulation levels in a green home
Efficient home design

Balancing insulation: in Green Home Building, putting it where it does the most good

...your head . It just ain't so, for your head or your roof. You won't gain heat from an un-insulated basement floor in winter. Heat moves from warm to cold se...

Ecohome's passively heated Edelweiss House
Efficient home design

Are better insulated homes worth the money? be after you've willed your house to your kids, it can be right away. Yes, a better-insulated house costs more to build, but that's only half the equati...

Built to ENDURE: the Net Zero Heat Kenogami House
Efficient home design

The Kenogami House: designed to ENDURE

...more efficient house is to either save money, save energy, or both. If the construction of that house requires a significantly larger investment of money and em...