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Carpenter ants are a common pest and nuisance to get rid of in homes
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...tor. How to get rid of fruit flies: Getting rid of rotting fruit will certainly slow fruit fly population growth, but once you have them they will often find enough tasty stuff to keep a base population alive. A fruit fly trap is, thankfully, a very easy contraption to make. Put a few pieces of rotting fruit in the...

Roxul mineral wool batt insulation in LEED Homes
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Choosing the right insulation: the pros, cons and applications for walls, slabs & basements to avoid or get rid of mold in basements for more on this. Rockwool mineral fiber insulation: Rock wool rigid board insulation © Ecohome Recycled Content : there is a minimum of 75% industrial waste in stone wool insulation, often as high as 90%. The most common commercial manufacturer is Roxul, so th...