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Deck Construction, 10 Top Tips for Building Decks
Decks, porches and gazebos

Building a deck ? 10 Tips to make your deck last longer call your local authority or town hall to see what the limitations are and what they will require from you. Deck Foundations, our top tips for durability: It is important to understand what will cause your deck to shift so you can build accordingly to avoid that; if you're in a cold region frost heave being the ...

How to Build Homes & Protect Homes to Stop Wildfires
Concept and design

How to protect your home from fire - a burning need to know. to build homes to resist wildfires , find more pages about sustainable and resilient green building techniques here : How to keep wildfire smoke out of homes with HRV, ERV & AC Emergency preparedness guide for homes Resilient homes: future-proof building for a changing Climate See the most r...

Frost Heave Prevention Helps Stop Frost Heaving Breaking up Home Foundations
New foundations and slab-on-grade

What causes Frost Heave? Preventing frost heaving is down to good foundation design check with local-municipality building inspectors to know for sure how deep you might need to go to get under the frost line. This is, of course, great as a general rule if you are building something without permits or building inspectors, but for anything of greater consequence like full home construction, don’t ...

Spray Foam Insulation - Is it Good or Toxic & Dangerous?
Insulation and soundproofing

Is spray foam insulation a good choice for your home? Or a toxic recipe for disaster?

...touches is in all likelyhood, the dump. The key to any successful build begins with thoughtful design and building material selection . Right on the heels of that as a priority, is choosing a higher quality and competent builder. See our page here on how to find green home building general contractor , because they a...