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Electric scooter for commuting

The Scrooser: Electric scooter for urban commuting

...ith a top speed of 24 km (15 mph) and a range of 35.5 km (22 miles). It works with an Impulse Drive that is literally kickstarted by it's rider as the engine en...

Grey Water Recycling Never Looked Better
Greywater Recycling

Greywater recycling never looked better's function, the style elements of the Eco Bath are what put it firmly over the top. With its clean lines, thin components and the rounded edges of its rectan...

Top Tips for Getting a House Ready for Winter
Wall assemblies - renovation

Winter preparation for your home - are you ready for the cold? in only a few minutes. You could also try sticking a mitt over the outside handle on really cold nights to keep it a bit warmer; that works well for coldest ...

Radon in Homes - Mitigation

Removing radon gas from well water weren't invisible you could see it in action - and even pour it out of a cup the way you can with dry ice. In a room with stagnant air it will collect at the...

Efficient home design

Phase change building materials - natural heat storage in buildings happen overnight. While there is very little of this type of technology currently on the market and it's impossible to vouch for its effectiveness, it's a ...

How to Insulate Exterior Walls from the Outside US Canada Ecohome
Walls and Roofs

The easiest way to insulate walls from the exterior in older homes could be plant-based if it weren't for cost and the carbon footprint of doing so, and it works well when you use it for the right applications. It’s not "per...

Bullfrog clean power
Renewable energy

Bullfrog Power makes clean renewable energy available to all of us.

...ite. A common question seems to be "How do they ensure the very power I use is green?" They don't, that's not how it works. Even if you have solar panels on y...

Ice dam
Roof assemblies - renovation

What causes ice dams and how to fix them

...itchen cupboards can be a tell-tale sign as well – since the air in kitchens is often more humid and cupboards are closed with little air movement, condensation...

Passive solar house design
Passive solar home design

Passive solar home design

...ity of life, EcoHome even have a design and rating system designed around it called The Passive Solar Index - check it out here . Artificial efficient energy sa...

Roxul mineral wool batt insulation in LEED Homes
Insulation and soundproofing

Choosing the right insulation: the pros, cons and applications for walls, slabs & basements

...its operational life. It is hydrophobic (meaning it will not absorb water and moisture), so it can get wet without causing great concern. Once it dries it will ...

MIBOP energy modeling software from Mindscape Innovations
Concept and design

Free online energy modeling from Mindscape Innovations HOT2000 is a software program developed by NRCan (Natural Resources Canada) that has been highly regarded within both industry and academic circles as an ...